Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspiration That I Found For Living Out Our Dreams and Goals In Life

We all seem to have some sort of dreams and goals in life.
I have MANY creative ambitions floating around in this head of mine.
Sometimes the visions and thoughts get overwhelming and I can’t seem to keep up.
I then lose sight of them and either forget them or get distracted from them just from the daily routine of life… and HONESTLY… with me… just plain laziness.
I'm sad to say… 
I have become just a dreamer and not a doer… and that bothers me.
And because of that... I just see life standing still and not moving forward.

Well… one night… I was listening to a TV ministry program
and one of the guests was Terri Foy.
I knew of her but had never listened to her.

That night she spoke right into the heart of me about my dreams and goals.
She also had a plan… a way to organize those dreams and goals.
So recently… I began listening and watching her videos on her Youtube channel.

I also watched some Church videos I found from her conferences overseas.

 That also led me to John C. Maxwell (a success coach/motivational speaker)… she spoke of him and quoted from him.

So… I began to watch and listen to some of his videos that are posted on Youtube… Wow!  I received so much motivation on how to discipline myself and how to approach my visions and dreams in life.
I also received some insight (from both of them) on
 who I was becoming verses who I want to become.

Now to get started...
Terri’s focus is getting a vision for your life, writing it down, having pictures/photos to go along with those dreams… keeping those pictures in front of you and then acting as if it has already come to pass.  All of these principles are biblically based.

You can order her image books or just buy your own like I did...

I'm in the middle of printing out my pics and posting them in different places.

I also created a vision board in my art room.

Terri talks about her board in her office and how to set one up in this video...

You want to keep your visions, dreams, and goals in your sight all the time because... out of sight... out of mind.

From the videos I watched… Maxwell’s focus is on taking 5 things and doing them everyday to further your purpose in life.  The one suggestion I love most is: everyday… add value to others.

We live in such a “me” world these days… and it’s so easy to lose sight of helping others in their journey when all you think about is your own journey… and yes…at times I’m guilty of this myself.

They both give such great examples how to do all these things that help organize, advance, and grow the visions and dreams that you have for your life.
And I love that Terry calls them “those God inspired ideas.”

So... I just wanted to share with you these resources I have found for learning how to live out your dreams and goals... and being inspired and motivated to do them!  They have really blessed me!

I would love to hear any advice or experiences that you have had in living out your dreams! 

Please share if you have started a vision board and a journey of fulfilling your dreams and goals in your life!!

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