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His Love Endures Forever… The Stone Collective


Today I want to share with you something a little different than my normal home décor post or just an art post…

Sarah over at Live It Out has started a creative group/project called

The Stone Collective.

“The Stone Collective is a community making much of Jesus as we create art, photography, prose, poems or music that commemorate the wonderful things God does in our life. Based on the passage in 1 Samuel 7:12-14, each month we will collect Ebenezer Stones as a regularly practice in the art of worship via our creativity.

I love that… worshipping Him and giving Him glory in our creativity.

So… today I share with you a very personal experience… one that I will always remember… one where I needed The Lord’s help.

I know this is NOT the NORM for my blog as I don’t get too personal on here…

but I felt compelled to do this.

After reading about Sarah’s group and a few of their posts…

I sat down and thought of different times the Lord helped me… times I have been so thankful for a God who loves me.

And then… I began to create my first Ebenezer Stone…

What pressed upon me was a time when I needed help… I needed healing.

As I was worshipping at home one day… He spoke… He spoke to me so clearly… so loudly in my heart… as I read Deuteronomy 28… It said the fruit of my womb will be blessed.  I can’t tell you how many times I have read that scripture… but I never had it strike me the way it did that day… in a different way than how you would normally read it.  It’s talking about children… but for me… it was speaking about something different that day.  The Holy Spirit pressed or more like seared it into my heart so strongly… I began to cry.

board 2

Good reports followed at the doctor after that… well, until they didn’t… once again. 

But I knew I had a promise and I kept speaking it over me.


My doctor couldn’t find any areas, any lesions… nothing… as my reports continued to be positive (vs negative) and getting worse over the course of time.  I don’t think I had ever had so many appointments, scopes… so many biopsies in all my life… and I have had many!  He became impatient and wanted me to have a partial hysterectomy.  I became frustrated and he became frustrated…  even though a hysterectomy is not a bad thing… I knew in my heart it wasn’t right… not for me… not at this time in my life.

So I prayed.  I prayed for healing… for the fruit of my womb to be blessed.

Finally, after politely refusing the hysterectomy… he referred me to an oncologist.  And so now the real blessing(s) began.


The very first visit:  A little apprehensive… had to go alone… decided to take some gum with me to ease the nerves.  I go and the parking lot is crowded… took some time to park.  My hubby called as I was parking to check on me… I get out, go into a small waiting room… completely packed out.  As I sit and look around… precious women who have cancer and some taking treatments fill the room.  I look up to see a painting of Jesus in the O.R. room standing over the doctor as he preforms surgery.  I feel led to pray silently as I sit and wait.


As time passes… the nerves begin to set in and I reach for my gum… but I have left it… ugh… in the car!!  *sigh*  I needed that gum.  So I prayed… “Lord, I want some gum… Thank you, Father.”  Soon after… I see my hubby… He came!!!  He got through work earlier than expected and came… what a true blessing…

now… did he have gum??



But… I was so thrilled and thankful to have my husband’s company. 

Later… an older woman signs in and asks if the seat on the other side of my hubby is taken… She sits down and watches TV with the rest of us.  Soon… she begins digging in her purse and pulls out a pack of gum… leans over and ask me if I would like a piece.  And then says… “it helps with my nerves in this place.”   WOW!!! 


HE gave me my piece of gum! Red heart

It wasn’t long until it was time to finally see the oncologist.  He was sooo nice!  And yes… he found the lesion right away… and we set up surgery (which is why I needed my hubby ((who is a nurse)) there… to help me remember  and explain some of it to me… such a blessing!) 

The doctor had planned to do a few procedures…

but on surgery day… decided only to do one (ANOTHER blessing!!!)… remove the lesion.

That was over a year ago and I have had 4 good tests results in a row… I hadn’t had that in YEARS!! Praise God!

His Love Endures Forever

And as one of my friends once said… "If God will take care of a piece of gum, how much more will he take care of the big things in our lives!" 

So… This is my Ebenezer Stone I created as I remember His help, His healing…


His love for me.

JOHN 15:5-8

There are no hands in this piece because He is the vine… I am the branch… He flows through me… in me… the love is continual… never ending… I remain in Him and He in me.  As I stretch my arms up to Him in praise… He takes my hands and holds tight… never letting go.

His Love Endures Forever (a)

His love endures forever. 

Thank you Sarah…

linking to

LIVE IT OUT! Stone Collective


  1. He is so amazing! We don't always get the answer we want, but we do get the answer we need as He patiently sculpts and prunes us into the person we are meant to be. Blessings rain down upon us and His grace is sufficient for us. Great post - perfect for a before church read!!! Blessings :)

  2. Such a wonderful post! I sit here with tears in my eyes in feeling a sort of connection with you and your happening. Similar things have happened to me and I relate...then, God...let's us know He really is

  3. Kendra! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for making this STUNNING piece of art. Thank you for making much of Jesus right alongside of me. Oh this is so great. I love it!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! I truly love this idea of yours and have been tremendously blessed by participating!! There is nothing more satisfying than to worship Jesus with my creativity He has given me!! Such wonderful testimonies of His goodness are being... and will be shared through this group!! Love it!!!


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