Monday, May 3, 2010

Bringing The Outdoors In

I guess you can say that this is
my idea of bringing the
outdoors in.
A made-from-scratch decorative
Metal Awning.


This is what I’ve been up to
this past weekend.
Note: this post may be choppy
because I have lots of pics and
lots to say… so bear with me!
OK… let’s get started.
I bought some galvanized metal flashing… in the roofing section of Lowes. You can use the corrugated metal roofing but I opted out at the last minute for this.
If you make this… wear Gloves
when working with metal… it
can cut you and it cuts deep!
(( And)) Be careful when you cut
that yellow tape you see in the
pic…make sure you hold the roll
together so it doesn’t unravel
really fast...and wear gloves so
you won’t get cut.
I already had several of these L – brackets/corner braces/ angles (they have so many names) left over from my crate table.
003 (2)
Then I had this piece of poplar wood my neighbor just gave me… free wood (the best kind)!
I measured out two long pieces for the top of my frame and bottom of the frame. Next, I measured two shorter pieces for the arms I would attach to the wall.
I spray painted my wood, brackets and screws to match my kitchen.
006 (2)
Yes… that’s my pallet garden bench/ work station! It has come in handy for some of my projects. I love this thing... ((sigh))... it so nice to have a little sitting place...
I rolled out the metal flashing and measured my pieces to fit my frame. I left enough on each side to bend up and cut to curve my awning and also make dividers between each metal strip. I have tin snips/ scissors that I used to cut the flashing.
AGAIN… I recommend using
gloves because you can get cut!
Here are some pics trying to
show you how to bend and cut it
to make it concave.
I used my needle nose pliers, regular pliers and my metal scissors to cut, bend and manipulate the metal.
OH… and I know… my green countertops… ((sigh)).
It did match the old wallpaper that use to be up. But we took that down and painted the kitchen with brown tones. We haven’t changed the countertops yet… and it may be awhile!! UGH!
OK… Kendra… FOCUS!!
I wanted to age the metal some.
I bought galvanized because I like the variation in the metal. But that meant I had to figure out how to break some of that down. Brillo pads and rain. I had plenty of both this past weekend.
Next, I used a solution of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and salt to lightly rust the areas that the steel wool broke down.
Finally… it was time to build!
I started attaching the L brackets to the arms and one of the long boards. I made a U shape for the bottom part of the frame. I aligned the metal strips of flashing, taped them on the back to keep them together and tacked them to the bottom of the frame.
Now, it was time to attach it all to the wall.

Well, that’s it!
Here is the final awning…
I know… those green countertops just don’t belong in there!! :(
Thanks for stoppin’ by y’all!
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  1. This was so much fun, seeing how you created such a beautiful effect

  2. I might have to steal this idea~I absolutely love it! Did you just wipe the paint on the metal and then wipe it off? It looks really good.

  3. Hey Suzanne... I tried to email a comment but realized after I sent it... you didn't have one (no reply comment @

    So... I slightly rusted the metal with a brillo pad (to break down the galvanization) and then use the solution on it to rus it. I used the paint on the wood frame. After spraying it with hammered paint, I took a cloth and wiped on and off the bronze paint.... Does that make sense?

  4. Hi Suzanne, I just found you via Funky Junk Interiors. I love this project! I too may have to "steel" it. I am now off to explore the rest of your blog. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and projects.

  5. Wow, that looks so vintage! What a cool project. Keep blogging, I think you have such a great eye!

  6. That is so cute! I love it! I thought the way you aged the metal was very creative.

  7. This is incredible. You are blowing me away girl! Off to look at more of your great creations!

  8. I love this and I love your blog. Just found you and am so inspired. Everything you are doing is amazing. Love the video of the pleated skirt. It is refreshing to hear someone so genuine as you are. Love, love, love your blog. Can't wait to see more.


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