Friday, May 23, 2014

Our DIY Backyard Project… Seven Years In The Making (So Far)


We’ve been working on our backyard ever since we moved in 7 years ago.  We initially put in a lot of hard work… was fine with that…

until we weren’t…

and then we changed it up all over again!

Backyard Project

This is what it first looked like when we moved in.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reflecting Back on My Art


Just reflecting back on some of my art today.  

Most of it was VERY COLORFUL pieces!

Folk Flower Art By KJoyner

I don’t know if some of you even knew that I use to paint and sell online… and maybe some of you bought some paintings from me?   It was a complete leap of faith I took a few years ago… like quitting my job leap of faith and pursuing art and painting.  

Women Abstract Art By KJoyner

As with most things… it took a few months to get established and to start developing a customer base… with those who began to collect some of my work.

 Cat Art By KJoyner

Unfortunately, it was around the time when the economy busted and sales dropped to a point I couldn’t continue pursuing it.  

Folk Women Art By KJoyner

I have yet to take that leap of faith again since the economy has slightly improved…

but I do think about it.

Crab Art by KJoyner 

In the meantime…  I just wanted to share some of my previous work that I sold online. 

Sea Art by KJoyner

Folk Fish Art By KJoyner

I was very much into colorful beach type artwork but was able to try my hand at other types of art, as well.

Fancy Girl by KJoyner

I often wonder if people are still enjoying the paintings they bought from me.


I leave with you some of my most recent work…

Mixed Media Art By KJoyner

My use of Color and Style has definitely evolved some.

And just to let you know…

I still enjoy my home décor styling and DIY projects I do here on Creative Ambitions. 


Painting is also a passion of mine… it’s my escape and the joy that comes from it is beyond words! 

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory “art” lane today!

Thanks for stopping by!!