Friday, April 2, 2010

Transformed… From Pallet to Bench

Here is what I have been working on this past week.
We had a pallet left over from some stone work we did in the backyard
a couple of years ago.
It's been sitting up against the house and my husband has continually threatened to burn it or throw it away.
But I knew there was something special about it...
pallet bench 1 was terribly weathered at this point.

Splinters...Rusty Nails...Ahhh...

A Dream Come True!

Well...out came the saw and with the help of my hub...

it was time to transform!

pallet bench 2

I had a picture in my head of what I wanted and went around looking for scraps to make it happen.

Luckily, we also had some deck work done a couple of years ago and I found some old scrap posts in the garage.


We also had some scrap 2x4's laying around and I'm thinking... SUPPORT!

The next thing I know,

I'm drilling and hammering all over the place!!

What fun!

pallet bench 5a

Do ya see where I'm going with this? And no... it's not a headboard.

pallet bench 3a

I know you see it now!!

pallet bench 4a

pallet bench 6a

(((Sigh))) Isn't she a beaut?!

Well, my hub was not so sure about that... but I was.

I love her!

 pallet bench 7

And yes... you can actually sit on it!

My Lovely Pallet turned Garden Bench!

final bench pic



  1. Hi! I found your crate table over at sns and had to come see, but them THIS caught my eye! I LOVE it!!! Is it copyrighted?????lol I really want to make this! I would be honored if you would bring this and link up to my garden party June 23-25th!

  2. I saw this over at Keen Inspirations and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! So cute! I made shelves out of a pallet for my living room. So crazy how free stuff can turn into something so awesome!

  3. You are spreading inspiration.
    Once you add accessories it really comes to life.

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I have a weird thing for pallets, and this turned out great.

  5. Wow! I love it! And your watering can is right up my alley! :-)
    I'd love for you to add this to my Weekend Warrior linky party on It's A Blog Party (my other blog) where everyday I host a different linky party! Sundays are for gardening and Mondays are DIY Days!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ok, you have me hooked. I love this bench.

  7. This is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Love it! I'm going to have to start looking for crates!

  8. You and Gail at My Repurposed Life amaze me.

  9. I am in pallet heaven. I love the bench and definitely put it on the top of my list for this coming weekend.

  10. PS Linking your post and newest follower.

  11. This is the coolest table, EVER!!! LOve it!!

  12. Hi, I speak abouto your post in my blog, Very wonderful your idea. For any problem please write me. Bianca

    1. Thanks so much Bianca... went over to your blog this morning and left a comment... not sure if it went through or not. I looked around and I see you are a traveler... beautiful pics! Thanks so much for sharing my pallet bench on your blog!! :)

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