Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Friends and Hello Fall!


Hi Everybody!  Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

I know I did.  It’s been awhile since I posted and just wanted to check in and say Hi!

Is anybody out there?  Anyone? 

“Crickets chirping”… lol!

Well, let’s see… in my last post I had begun planting flowers in the front yard back in May.


I know most of us experienced a severe drought this summer.

It was terrible!

However… with… what I believe was the hand of God (yes… I believe He blesses our land and our efforts)

… and with some effort on my part… my flowers survived!!


There were many days of struggle… but they made it!



(NOTE:  I use annual Impatiens BUT if you wait ‘til they form their seed pods and bust them open…

you will get a variety of colors that come back the next year… as pictured above by the tree)


what did I do this summer?


Swim for the most part.


We are blessed to live in a neighborhood that has a pool!

There was some definite family time spent there this summer.

As for creativity?

I used none… or had none… or there was none… you get the picture. 

So, I have nothing new to share on that note.

As for time with the Lord… there was much of that… and still is.


I started out reading some of these.

BUT… ended up reading more of this…


I have been “in” my bible most of the summer…

reading, seeking, listening, doing and being renewed!

And now it is … FALL… Ok not really but …it FEELS like it!

Do you know what the temp is RIGHT NOW …here at my house at 10:30 in the morning?

58!!!  Yes… 58!! Oh… and breezy!  The high is suppose to be 73ish.  Ahhh… feels Great!

And now…

for the finale of this post…

DRUMROLL….  BDDddddddddd…..

Do you know what I recently discovered?


Yes… Chai Latte Creamer! YUM!

Wow… I’m usually a French Vanilla kinda girl when it comes to coffee…

but this creamer has rocked my world!!

YUM and YUM and YUM again… or at least I think so!

Ok… well…

that sums up the summer for me.

Thanks to all those who checked in on me and wrote to me this summer…

I loved hearing from you!!

I will be honest… I STILL don’t know how much I will be blogging for the rest of the year.

I feel the Lord moving in my life and want to remain open to what he has for me to do.

But thanks for hanging in there  with me

and I hope to continue to be creatively ambitious… in some way!!