Friday, August 13, 2010

My New Old White Farm Table Bench


It’s Finished!

If you read my blog… then you know I have been working on this old farm table.



You saw last week when it sadly went under construction…




we all cried… or at least I did.

But it had to be done because this is what I needed.

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An Old Farm Table Bench!

016 (2)

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It’s the perfect big, hefty, rough, worn, naturally distressed bench for my foyer/entry way!


I love it!

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I haven’t added any decor around it… YET!

My sweet hubby just got through painting and it’s a mess around my house.  He painted the dining room and the entry way “Bone White”.

But… I did play around with some pillows.

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I have lots of this rusty red color accented through out my living room (which is open to the entry way), so I believe these pillows will fit right in!

So what am I working on now you ask?

Or… well… maybe you didn’t…

But I’m going to tell you anyway… Ha!

I’m working on what’s going to hang above the bench… I had to go out to the burn pile for this one…

Stay Tuned! 


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Under Construction


Well… the treasure table is finally under construction.

Remember this beauty?


Well… it’s now this…


and this…


I know… don’t cry!!

It was hard ripping it apart… emotionally I mean.

It was a great table.

But it was nearing it’s last days anyway.  One of the legs ended up being burned… not rotted.  And the boards also have some rot and warping.

But… it has a brighter future ahead…

so I’m staying focused on the goal!

It’s been hot in Tennessee… like everywhere else in the states…

Soooo… I’m taking it slow with this project since its’ outdoors.

I still have some more destroying to go before I start the reconstruction!

But just wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to this week.

Hope you are having a great summer!!

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