Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Interchangeable Ideas On One Unique Door


I found this old inexpensive door at our local ReStore.

004blog  005blog

It was plain and had some minor damage… but I still fell in love

the bottom panel was either warped or kicked in…

But I knew something would come to mind to fix that.

I actually had several useful ideas for this door

but finally decided on two different ways that I would use it in my home.

First… I knew I would paint it a cream color.


This is my absolute favorite… Soapstone.

Next, on one of my thrift store jaunts… I found this…


a cheap ruffled round tablecloth skirt.

Now remember the warped panel?


I’ve been on a skirt kick lately as some of you know…

and remember… I don’t sew very well.

I figured out that I could cut out the ruffled edge around the bottom

to have an instant skirt.  That means… no sewing!  Smile

Next, I measured the width of the damaged door panel and

cut the skirt to size

in several pieces to create a layered ruffled effect.

I finally bought Fray Check at Hobby Lobby and used it on all the cut edges…

AWESOME STUFF… really works!

I hot glued the ruffles on starting from the bottom up.


Very cute!

Next, I painted some wood appliques and hot glued them on.


This gave the door a nice ornamental touch!


for the two ideas…

I knew I had to buy some wood and cut two new panels to the size

of the raised part of the door panel.

Velcro is used to attach and interchange both pieces.

So… my first idea was to paint a whimsical, colorful piece of art

and basically use the door as a frame for my painting.

028blog  032blog


I just love it! Such a perfect frame!

The next idea…

was to paint a chalkboard

and use it as a menu in the dining room when we have guests.

035blog  037blog


Love this, too.

Two interchangeable ideas

on one unique door!!


Thanks For Stoppin’ By!


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Future Projects with video!

Here’s a little video for you!!

Sorry for all the uhs, ands, anyways and whatever else I repeat a thousand times!!

Thank you for all your SWEET comments and encouraging words

this weekend on some of my creations!!

I had a lot of visitors and just wanted to say thank you!!

Appreciate you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Monday, February 7, 2011

My First Attempt At Decoupage

I had a baby shower to attend for my niece who is having a baby girl.

So that means… gift giving time!

I knew immediately what I wanted to do… or… well… try to do.


Hobby Lobby sells these wooden alphabet boxes in all different sizes.

The top is actually a lid that is hinged in the back… so… you can lift it up.

My thinking?

What a great container and something that can be used for simple storage.

As you can see in the pic above…

I bought some shabby chic scrapbooking paper and some lace.

Her nursery is decorated Shabby Chic style.


The first thing I did was paint the box pink around

all the edges that would be showing.


to cut out the letters and the inner and outer part of the framed panel…

I just laid the paper over each panel and ran my finger

along all the edges so it would indent my paper with a pattern to cut from.


I glued each piece in place, sanded all the edges

and applied an acrylic antiquing stain to it.

I had a HUGE problem with air bubbles in the piece of paper around each letter.

I managed to get some out and had to leave the others.

But it was minimal… you could hardly tell.

I did let my niece know it was my first decoupage experience!

After sealing it with my glue, I sealed it again with some polycrylic sealer.


Here she is!

I had planned to add the lace trim around the top… just below the lid


it was too busy and I think it looked better without it.


I painted and added some floral appliques to the top of the lid on each corner.


I filled it up with items from her baby registry and wrapped it in cellophane.

I tied it with the lace and added a pretty bow around the tie.

And Ladies… I forgot to take a picture of the final basket!

The finale…

totally forgot… and it was so cute!


So you will have to use your imagination!


I’m thinking… it’s not too “SHABBY” for a my first decoupage project.

Everyone seemed to love it so… I guess it turned out good!


Thanks For Stoppin’ By!


Friday, February 4, 2011

A Medley of Funky Junk Inspiration

How do I love Donna’s style?

Oh let me count the ways!

 image image

image  image 

image imageimage


image image

And the list goes on and on at Funky Junk Interiors!

Donna’s blog challenged me to use metal and wood in ways

I never thought I could!

So here is a collage showcasing some of my own

2010 Funky Junk Style Creations:

image  image


image image

003blog 008blog 023blog

image  image

image  image

(You can click on each pic to take you to the individual posts on both mine and Donna’s creations)

Shipping Crates, Old Wood Pallets,

Tractor Wheels, Trailer Gates, License Plates,

Ladders, Lanterns and on and on!

I had so much fun creating things from all these materials!

You see… when I first started blogging DIY style…

Donna was one of the first blogs that caught my eye.

And even though I consider myself very versatile in my decorating tastes…

Her use of metal and wood makes me swoon!

I fell in love with her junk style creations…

and she inspired me to make my own!

I think I do have a few pieces that encompasses Donna’s style.

I would choose these:

(Mine are on the left and Donna’s are on the right)

image image

My Shipping Crate Table and Donna’s Awesome Crate Stairs

057a image

My Tractor Wheel Curtains and Donna’s Hanger Curtains

image image

My Old Wood Pallet Bench and Donna’s Pallet TV Stand

image image

My Trailer Gate and Donna’s Headboard Gate

Thanks Donna for opening up my world to

metal and wood in 2010.

What style and creations will 2011 hold for me?


We shall see! Rolling on the floor laughing

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