Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking a Break… Gone Fishin’


Hey everyone!

Well… I’ve been out planting annual flowers in the front yard.


It will be a red, white, purple and pale yellow color scheme.

AND this year

I am adding some deer resistant plants to the landscape and to my flower pots


Or at least that is what the tag said.

Last year… the deer decided to eat a lot of my impatient!

I had to spend the rest of the summer spraying hot sauce on them and adding my husky’s hair to them.

(It seemed to work)

We will see how these hold up.


So why does my title say “Taking a Break”???  Well…

I have MANY projects to finish… some I have been storing until I got to them.

So far… I haven’t got to any of them!

There are these old windows…


And this cabinet thing that hangs on the wall…


A coffee table, frame, old wash boards…


And then there is all of this…


Plus SOOOOOO much more that I didn’t even take pics of.

ALL waiting to be done SOMETHING to.

I had planned to work on each, do something with them in my home and then blog about it.


Well… TWO THINGS have happened…


I had a heart to heart with the hubs a few weeks ago…

AND I gotta say…

He has been so supportive of all my creative adventures… REALLY.

Has never complained or told me no… not even once.

BUT… a few weeks ago… I brought home the old windows and had planned to hang them throughout the house and that’s when I could tell… something was wrong.

We didn’t talk about the expression on his face that day but I eventually brought it up.  And that’s when it all came out…

He told me that he doesn’t like all this old stuff in the house.

He’s not an antique person and he’s not into the… “making things look old” décor either.


he likes new, traditional, minimal and comfortable.

Which I have tried to maintain a balance of both old and new in the home.

But the more he hears me talk of the old and the more I bring home… I think he worries…LOL!

Another complaint was the “storing” part.  You see… the hubs does NOT like to store anything.

He’s a “throw awayer.”  Maybe not everything… but most everything. 

OH ME (sigh)…

I feel bad for him.  I mean… he has to live here, too.  And he has been so quiet about all my changes I’ve made with the décor and all the stuff that I have been making and storing.

Don’t worry though…

I will keep doing and adding some things to the home because he says he truly doesn’t mind all of it and he likes to see me being creative…

But maybe a break from it will help ease his mind??  maybe?…LOL!



I have kinda lost motivation to finish all these projects I dreamed about doing.

Yes… there… I’ve said it!  Motivation gone… or at least for right now.

I think when spring and summer hit… I want to be outdoors or/and on vacation! 


There are just other things on my mind right now.

So… I plan to take a break from blogging for a bit.

That means my posting won’t be a weekly thing for now and I’m not sure when I will start back.

I am praying about what the future holds for my creative ambition.

And while I wait for that answer… I will be reading and reevaluating things in my life! 


I love Joyce Meyer’s books… I read them and then wait awhile and reread them.

She tells me like it is!

Anyway… I plan to keep my Facebook going with a few posts here and there… so if you want to chime in over there…please do!

But until I post again…

I hope every one who reads this has a wonderful and exciting summer!!

I love my fellow bloggers and readers!!  Smile


With all that being said…

I have officially…


Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Dresses… what have you done with yours?

So…did you watch the Royal Wedding this past Friday?

What did you think of the dress?

I thought it was absolutely gorgeous!


As everyone is saying… very Grace Kelly!

I LOVE the lace on her dress.


In fact, my wedding dress was made of lace.



The whole dress including the train.

004 005

Soooo… the burning question is…

What to do with the wedding dress afterwards?

Kate’s dress…

well, I read it will go on display in London.


Mine is still in the bag in a closet!

I had big plans for my dress.

As you can see it has a halter top and I had planned

to shorten it and make it into a sundress.

But weight gain came quickly there after…

like 10 pounds from the honeymoon alone…LOL!

So in the bag it stayed.

But… I still have hope I will fit back into it one day…


I am currently working on that!

All this leads me to the question…

What did you do with your wedding dress?

Is it bagged up and stored in a closet?  Did you make it into something else? 

Did you pass it down to somebody in your family?

Did you sell it?  Burn it?

Do you display it?

Kate’s dress made me think about my dress…

it was nice to revisit it… in the closet.

Maybe one day I will get to alter it and wear it as a sundress!