Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Mantel 2018

I love creating seasonal mantels.

Winter gives me a chance to come up with natural, #rustic tones for my living room #mantel.

winter mantel wtrmk a

With this year’s winter mantel decor…

I used items such as a shipping crate panel, a woven placemat…

winter mantel wtrmk d

a bushel basket lid, a mixed media art piece I’ve been working on…

winter mantel wtrmk f

and I made these cute little berry branch trees.

winter mantel wtrmk

And of course, I had to add outdoor elements such as the pine cones and cut wood!

I also added some winter wheat and berries to an old milking bucket along side an antique crock.

winter mantel wtrmk c

All those elements created lots of yummy texture that I love!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone stays warm this winter…

it’s been a cold one!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Mantel 2017

I finally got the tree up and the mantel decorated!

I kept my cabin theme from this year’s Fall’s Cozy Cabin Mantel

and went right into decorating the cabin for a wintery mountain scene!

This is my Cabin In The Woods Christmas Mantel 2017…

Christmas Mantel 2017 a

I love the greenery with this mantel

and how it really does make it look like a cabin in the woods!

Christmas Mantel 2017 5

One of my fav things is the antique stoneware crock!

christmas Mantel 2017 e

And to go with my woodsy theme…

my tree has rustic, plaid, and cabin-y type ornaments on it!

Christmas Mantel 2017

I also used the old trusty outdoor tub for my tree base. 


it definitely feels like a Tender Tennessee, Woodsy, Rustic, Mountainy Christmas around here!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Christmas Mantel this year!!

Christmas Mantel 2017 c

I wish everyone


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fall Mantel 2017

Hey Y’all!

I decided to create a Fall Mantel this year!

I’m calling this one…

‘Cozy Cabin’

It was truly unbelievable the way this mantel came together.

You know when things just come together perfectly?

Fall Mantel 2017 f

Like… it was meant to be?

Well, this mantel did just that.

We have chopped wood around our house for our fire pit in our backyard.

I simply grabbed a few pieces from the pile and started playing!

Next, I went up into the attic in search of my fall d├ęcor and there was huge pieces of cardboard that caught my eye.


I knew I would need a backdrop.

Now, only if I could find some metal for a roof!

And then I realized… cardboard is corrugated like a corrugated roof!!!!!

The bends in the cardboard was perfect for the bend I needed for a roof.

Peeling 1st layer

I simply wet the first layer of it and peeled it off to expose the corrugation.

After I got it all peeled off and figured out all the pieces I would need,

I started playing and it all just came together.

Fall Mantel 2017

I got a little crafty and made a door and window frames out of foam core and cardboard.

That’s when I decided to find or cut some twigs to frame them up so to speak.

Fall Mantel before

You know… like those beautiful cabins you see in the mountains!!

Fall Mantel 2017 e

Hot glue did the trick and voila!

It really did turn out like a cozy cabin.

Fall Mantel 2017 c

I love the lights around it, too!

It gives our living room those cozy feels!

Here is one last look…

Fall Mantel 2017 b

Happy Fall Everyone…

I hope you have a blessed autumn season!