Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spring Mantel 2018 And A DIY Dogwood Tree Painting

This Spring Mantel is very special to me this year

My mom and I got together and created this fun dogwood tree painting live on my Facebook Art Page for a Mother’s Day project.

I decided to place it on my mantel for spring!

spr mntl3_thumb[6]_thumb[3]

If you follow me on social media,

then you know that my mom was diagnosed last year (Sept) with Stg IV lung cancer. 

It’s funny the stigma we give lung cancer as it relates to smokers…

well, my mom is not a smoker and never has been.

Anyone can get lung cancer.

Needless to say… we were all shocked and heartbroken at the time.

However, with the grace of God, lung cancer research and treatment has made leaps and bounds in the last 5 years!!

Mom ended up having a certain gene that could be treated with a new targeted therapy…

meaning she did not have to take regular chemotherapy!

And she is doing so well!! 

mom and me blog_thumb[2]_thumb[4]

We have been in constant pray over this and believe in the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ! And we give all the glory to Him!  God has been present and guiding us through this difficult situation since it started… showing up in more ways than we can count!

I cherish every moment with my mom!  We are so close and her faith and strength has been unbelievable in this journey!

We are so proud of her! wlEmoticon-smile[2]_thumb

Mom blog_thumb[2]_thumb[3]

So in honor of Mom’s Day (which is pretty much everyday with my mom)…

I wanted to create something that we could do together and would be a keepsake forever!

The dogwood tree blossoms have a great spiritual meaning and we both love dogwood trees…

spr mntl2_thumb[6]_thumb[2]

so it seemed the perfect fit for spring and our Mother’s Day project that we could create together.

I decided to use it for my spring mantel this year and I love walking pass it everyday in my living room

knowing my mom and I created this together!

sprg mntl_thumb[4]_thumb[4]

As for how to create this DIY painting yourself…

here is the link to my Facebook Live on how we created it!

It’s so easy and I explain the materials in the first video

and we show you how we put it together in the second video!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Mantel 2018

I love creating seasonal mantels.

Winter gives me a chance to come up with natural, #rustic tones for my living room #mantel.

winter mantel wtrmk a

With this year’s winter mantel decor…

I used items such as a shipping crate panel, a woven placemat…

winter mantel wtrmk d

a bushel basket lid, a mixed media art piece I’ve been working on…

winter mantel wtrmk f

and I made these cute little berry branch trees.

winter mantel wtrmk

And of course, I had to add outdoor elements such as the pine cones and cut wood!

I also added some winter wheat and berries to an old milking bucket along side an antique crock.

winter mantel wtrmk c

All those elements created lots of yummy texture that I love!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone stays warm this winter…

it’s been a cold one!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Mantel 2017

I finally got the tree up and the mantel decorated!

I kept my cabin theme from this year’s Fall’s Cozy Cabin Mantel

and went right into decorating the cabin for a wintery mountain scene!

This is my Cabin In The Woods Christmas Mantel 2017…

Christmas Mantel 2017 a

I love the greenery with this mantel

and how it really does make it look like a cabin in the woods!

Christmas Mantel 2017 5

One of my fav things is the antique stoneware crock!

christmas Mantel 2017 e

And to go with my woodsy theme…

my tree has rustic, plaid, and cabin-y type ornaments on it!

Christmas Mantel 2017

I also used the old trusty outdoor tub for my tree base. 


it definitely feels like a Tender Tennessee, Woodsy, Rustic, Mountainy Christmas around here!!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Christmas Mantel this year!!

Christmas Mantel 2017 c

I wish everyone