Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY French Country Cottage Kitchen Art Decor


Since I’ve been on an art kick lately…

I wanted to show you some kitchen art I recently made.

I had to go thrifting ((fun)) for this one… buying cooking utensils for it.

So… note…

if you plan on throwing out your used kitchen utensils… think twice!!

You might can use them for kitchen art!  :)

Ok… Let’s begin…

This is how I started…


After finding and gathering a bunch of kitchen goodies,

Mixed Media Kitchen Art

(the before)

I played around with the configuration and composition

again and again and again…

(even took photos to help me remember where I placed things…ahem)

and finally came up with a basic pattern…

but I decided to change my surface to wood…



I cut up some 1x2’s I already had, lined them up and glued on some scrap wood strips to the back of them to hold it together.


I had looked for recipes and menu’s online… printed a few things off and glued them to the surface of the wood.

Kitchen Art

(another before)

I have an inkjet printer so I used cardstock and made sure the ink was dry… you may still get a little ink bleed… but I didn’t mind it too much.

I also painted a few pieces and used some wood embellishments.


I finally came up with my “final” layout (changed it some as I started gluing).  And then I just glued all my thrift store finds down.

Mixed Media Kitchen Art

This is the final art piece…

French Country Cottage Kitchen Art

I think it looks rather French Country Cottage.

Kitchen Mixed Media Art

This art is rather heavy… so if you want a lighter piece… use lighter wood… I just used what I had!

I had so much fun creating this mixed media kitchen art (restaurant art as my friend Kolein coined it).

It would look perfect in a little French Café… don’t cha think?!  :)



  1. I like it! Reminds me of some of the old general stores I visited when I was younger. Items would hang on the wall to display their wares. Looks great on your wall.

  2. It is a very creative! I like it very much. :)

    1. Thank you!! This was such a fun piece to create!

    2. This is amazing art. Thank you for sharing your layout and how you made it. This is something I m going to try myself.

    3. Thank You! Hope you enjoy your DIY kitchen art!

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