Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Do I Come Up With Creative Ideas?


Sometimes… creative ideas just come to me…


either during the day or right before I go to sleep at night.

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They just pop in my head… I can see them in my mind… visualize them.

I consider it a gift from God.

When they do, I try to act upon them as soon as I can

or write them down for a later date.

I have a tablet that I keep a lot of my ideas in.

And then… other times,

ideas may come to mind because  

I am challenged or inspired by a themed link party on someone else’s blog.

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Then, I’ll purposely think on new creations to make

that are related to the theme. 

I like challenges and they get the juices flowing.

I will lay things out and arrange them and play with them

all different ways till something just fits!

Voila! A new creation is born.

Finally, I will find an object (like a doll cradle)

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and an idea will come to me on a unique way to use it in my home

or to show you how to use it in yours!

But however it comes to me…

I still believe it is ALL a gift from God.

One that I praise and thank Him for continually.

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I love trying to create unique items… OOAK (one of a kind).

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I love repurposing things and making them into new improved creations.

I don’t know if my ideas and creations are

part of a greater purpose He has for my life or

just a gift of enjoyment God has blessed me with.

I do know it’s a passion of mine to create… something…


whether it is a piece of art, repurposed furniture or unique décor.

I do hope you enjoy some of the décor I create and

I just want to say THANK YOU for always

encouraging and supporting my creative journey!


Friday, January 28, 2011

My Mosaic Drawer… Trying Something New With Something Used


On my ‘Restore Finds’ Video I showed you an old drawer…

(that is… after I told you about my first day with Habitat For Humanity)

I cleaned, painted, and distressed it and finally decided to try something

I have never attempted before…


It’s something I’ve always wanted to tackle but didn’t have the courage.

So… I decided to go to the thrift store


where I found some cheap pieces to smash up for my

 Mosaic Drawer.

Well, if you watched my other video…

then you know I ended up scuffing/gouging my kitchen countertop.

But all is well!  The hubby was super sweet about it and now it’s no big “thang”.

I put all my goodies in plastic bags and began to hammer them. 

That was the fun part!

I went and bought glue (Liquid Nails and Goop),

as well as an adhesive grout.

So at this point, I decided not to glue them to the back of the drawer.

I ended up cutting a piece of wood to insert into the drawer.


I prearranged them and played around to find the abstract design I liked.


Then, I used all three adhesives to glue the different pieces down.

I let it dry 24 hours and then began to grout.


I watched youtube videos for this step and chose


the smear it all over the piece route.

I then let it set up for about 15 min. and began to

clean my pieces off with a damp cloth.

Can you say MESS?

I had to keep washing out my rag and wiping off the globby mess.

Patience is needed here!

It was very gooey so I don’t think I would use the adhesive grout next time.

Did I say NEXT TIME???

After I let it dry for a couple of days, I inserted it into the drawer.

It fit very snug and tight so I didn’t need to glue it down.

And this was the final piece…





My Mosiac Drawer

Not too shabby for a first timer… eh?

And yes… as I said earlier…

I believe there will be a next time!!

OK… so on a completely different note…

I am excited to say that I just signed up to volunteer with

Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Yes… they are coming to my city in February!!

Has anybody else volunteered for them?

I would love to hear about it!

Linking to:

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Friday, January 21, 2011

ReStore Finds on Video


Today was my first time volunteering

for our local Habitat for Humanity at a Habitat Home.

It was a great experience!

Loved every minute…

and I will tell you why in the video!

Of course,

I had to stop by the ReStore because I passed by it after leaving the construction site.

Can’t wait to show you the goodies I found!



Thanks For Stopping By!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Video Love From Me!

Hi Friends!
As some you know, I have learned how to use my laptop camera!
So... I made this little video to share with you!
I thought I could simply download it
from my computer and that would be it...
I had to get a Youtube Acct.
And THEN...
the audio didn't match the video... SIGH!
After some research... I think I got it figured out!
So here it goes!!

Don't forget to check out Kolein at Kitchen Table Productions!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Volunteering

Here’s a little update on my adventures in volunteering at

Habitat For Humanity.


First, I thought I would give you the steps I took to start the process

of volunteering there.

This info might be good for those of you whom might be considering

volunteering for your local Habitat For Humanity.


                 So I:

                 1)  Visited our local website

                 2)  Clicked on volunteering and found email address

                      for Coordinator

                 3)  Emailed her for information on how to get started

                 4)  Went to a mandatory volunteer orientation

                       class and signed up


I went to sign up for construction site volunteering.

But after receiving a handout, I soon found out that they have multiple areas

for one to volunteer in.

Ex:  Marketing/Events, Office, Restore, Family Services, etc.

So… the next thing I know,

I am volunteering to be on a committee for a Restore “Design on a Dime” workshop.


ReStore is a retail outlet owned and managed by Habitat For Humanity.


It’s a workshop event for our LOCAL ReStore…

organized by the Restore Ops Manager and another volunteer.

The workshop includes home décor projects chosen from a

Better Homes and Garden Book…

that anyone could create on their own.



I volunteered to teach one of the classes on making this creation.

I will show people how to spruce up an end table by trimming it with clothespins.


from construction site to teaching a small class!

I am a little nervous, though. 

It easy to write a tutorial online but it’s another story to

verbally teach and show (hands on) someone how to do something.

It’s in February… so I will let you know how that goes.

And I’m still planning on construction site volunteering.

Ok…on another note…



8” at our house. 

For our area… that means your snowed in for a few days!




Hot Chocolate/Coffee


Anne of Green Gables and Pollyanna




Monday, January 3, 2011



Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow… 2011!

Can you believe it?

Well, my family had a wonderful Christmas this year and

do you know why?

Because it snowed!


Christmas morning… around 4 or 5 inches!


It rarely snows here anymore.


It was gorgeous!


We had the biggest snowball fight… really… 5 adults, 2 kids.


It lasted 2 hours!

Needless to say… we tore up the yard.


But it was worth it! 


So onto Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

The changes are not for my blog but for my heart.

My sweet husband got me some décor magazines

for Christmas this year.


But I have to say…

the best read for me was that red book you see in the picture.

It’s called Crazy Love.

It was so powerful for me.

It made me reevaluate my life and my walk with God.

It has inspired me to make changes…

in my life and in my thinking.

The first change I’m making is volunteering.

I hope/plan to start volunteering at


Has anyone ever volunteered for them?

I figured it was a great place for me to start.

Building things is right up my alley!


As for my blog… 

the next project in my home will be the master bath.

I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head for it.

When will I be tackling that?

Not sure…

after reading Crazy Love…

redoing the bathroom is just not a priority right now.

So I hope you will be patient with me…

as I rearrange my goals in life

and grow stronger in my relationship with God.

I’m excited about my new outlook

and hope to share my journey with you along the way.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Thanks For Stoppin’ By!