Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Got Into Vinterest Antiques!!

Good news everyone… we got in!!

So excited to be part of

Vinterest Antiques!!

Our application (my last post) got accepted and we are proud  booth vendors at Vinterest!


The owners said that my application was the best one they had ever seen!!

Made me feel so good

especially since it took me like 3 days to get it all together, take pics, edit and post!  Ha!

Let’s just say… we REALLY wanted a chance in this new venue!

We just moved in this past Sunday and are still working on our booth…


The hubbies just installed some 2x4’s for our hanging rafters and a fascia board.


Planning to get it painted and prepped for business this weekend!


I’ll share photos of our booth when we are finished…

but until then…

Vinterest Antiques 


let me show you just how WONDERFULLY, YUMMY this place is!

Creative Ambitions Photo


I don’t have pics of every booth but these photos will at least give you a taste of the what the store is all about!

I’ll try to post more photos in another post when we get ours ready to show!

Every booth has some kind of theme or color scheme!


(Love the flower pots on this one!)

The vendors go all out to create an awesome atmosphere for the customers!  If you are ever in Hixson, TN… you need to stop by this place…

just to experience it!


(LOVE the rusty awning!!)

Creative Ambitions Photos

One fun aspect is that the owners Paul and Katherine named the aisle ways with names like “Pickers Pike” and “Vintage Row”…

love that!!



I gotta say… Vinterest is the talk of the town these days!  And this place has been boomin’ with business since it opened in January…



 and let me tell ya folks… as far as business in the retail world… for the first couple of months of the year…

that’s REALLY good!!



I also love the people here… owners, staff and vendors!  Everyone we’ve met has welcomed us with open arms and we so appreciate it!!



(and to them I promise we will get our booth looking spiffy soon!! Smile)


We are just so honored to be in such a well thought out, beautiful place!


Every inch of selling space is accounted for… I love that!

The booths are always changing and evolving… so you will get a new experience each time you walk in!



The owners also have plans in the near future for an outdoor market!

They have space outside the building that will be lined with covered booths and tents… for some weekend fun and shopping!

I don’t have pics of all the wonderful spaces in this mall… but I’m sure from the photos you can get a good idea of what it’s like!

Again… if you are ever in town… stop by the store and check ‘em out!

To follow them on facebook… click on their name below…

Vinterest Antiques

((tell them Kendra sent you!! Smile))

I am so excited to be part of this new adventure…

such a joy and blessing!!

(Hope me and the girls do well there!!)


Photos coming soon of our booth…

stay tuned!

Thanks For Stopping By!