Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lots Of Projects Going On!


I’ve been M.I.A. on the blog… again… sorry!

If you’ve read some of my recent posts… I moved into a booth at a local artisan and pickers mall called Vinterest Antiques!

KJoyner Art Booth Creative Ambitions

And because of that… it has actually been a “construction zone” in my house and it has kept me busy!

Creative Ambitions Blog

I have a place I call my studio art room.  But it’s kind of isolated from the rest of the house.  Sooo… I tend to spread out into the kitchen where all the action is.  And then… when spring hit this year… I also took some of my projects to the back deck to enjoy the weather while I work!  Basically my stuff is sprawled out all over the place!

Creative Ambitions

But… I’m having fun!

I share my booth with 2 other ladies and we are still working out the kinks of being in such a small space.

Kjoyner Art Creative Ambitions Booth 

I have future plans for how I want it to look…

I ordered an art sign off the internet for my booth… but couldn’t find a frame to fit… or one that I even liked. 

So you know me… I made my own!

KJoyner Art Creative Ambitions Cardboard Frame

All it took was some scrap heavy (two layer) cardboard, razor knife for cutting, combo of joint compound and modeling paste, stencil and paint!  I  made up my own scalloped design, measured accordingly, drew it out (basically winging it) and then cut it out.  I covered it with a very light coat of joint compound… if too heavy it will wet the cardboard and peel it.  I added the raised detail with a stencil and modeling paste… and then painted it. 

I mean… I could do some more to it to make it look even more like a real frame… but it’s going to be hanging up high so you would not be able to tell at a distance!

Can’t wait to get settled and be able to hang my sign… make my space my own.

Another project I’m working on to sell are paper mache angel wings!

 Creative Ambitions Angel Wings

A messy project but fun at the same time.

I’m in the experimental stage with these… trying to find what material is best to make these with and what shapes to use.

As for my art… it has been selling!  It is so good to paint and sell again!

If you would like to follow along my art journey this is my new Facebook Page for my art…

Kendra Joyner Art

I actually walked into a small town café the other day and saw my art hanging on the walls!


That was awesome!

Recently, I took an online e-course from Artist Flora Bowley!

Here are some paintings of mine since I took the class…

Art by KJoyner

KJoyner Art

I have been mixing my older whimsy style of painting with my intuitive new style of painting at the booth!

Barnyard collection

KJoyner Art

Right now, we are doing a farm theme… so I had to paint some cute barnyard animals to go along with that!  

Another personal project…

Creatiev Ambitions Outdoor Drop Cloth Curtains

drop cloth curtains for the back deck!

Creative Ambitions Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtain 

We will see how long they hold up!

I love them… perfect for a little privacy or shade!

So that’s what I’ve been up to!

It’s been challenging trying to get the booth situated and my art selling but I’m making progress… sometimes it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of patience to build a business and a brand.  I feel like once all the physical space is finally situated and I have my art set up like I truly want… then I can concentrate on a new website. 

So hang in there with me…

it’s going to be a busy year and I will keep you posted on how things are going!!