Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Mantel 2013


The trees are starting to bud and bloom here in Tennessee.

It definitely put me in the mood to get my mantel decorated for Spring!

I decided to get a little “artsy” with it (as I always do) and make these…

Tin Can Flowers

Tin Can Flowers

I used Tin Snips to cut the cans up and manipulated the pedals with my needle nose pliers.

DO NOT do this without gloves… it WILL cut you!

I hammered holes in them, cut some fabric circles and hammered upholstery tacks in for the center.

Spring Mantel Tin Can Flower

Cute eh?

Now… onto the whole mantel…

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Being Creative

Here’s a little update of what I’ve been doing…


YEP!  I have been so inspired… so motivated… so excited to just… Create!

(image: Graphics Fairy)

Let’s see…

I have been creating mixed media art (that includes rusting metal… so fun), thrifting (just had to throw that in), creating a journal,  and sewing


YES… sewing! 

Rather… trying to learn how to sew!

****I’m also in the process of creating my spring mantel and working on a very creative project with a very sentimental birdhouse (this one may take awhile… if I can even do it!)****

And as this creative force hit me @ a week ago or so… the Lord led me to share this journey with my creative friend Kolein

She is now my creative sounding board accountability partner… and I hope I’m a good one for her!

AND then

and then, and then…

the Lord led us to this…

Jeanne Oliver e-courses!


These classes have so enriched both of our lives…and we’ve only just started!  We so needed these… didn’t we Kol??

((Jeanne Oliver


Last time I shared with you my first e-vuh mixed media art project


I went back and changed the coloring on it…brightened it up a bit…

kjoyner art Mixed Media Art      Mixed Meda Art  

 before and after

This time…I think I will let it sit on the easel for awhile just to make sure I’m done.

Now… onto journaling

Art Journal

Here’s a journal I made… an art and writing journal…

Mixed Media Art Journal

it was so much fun to create my own.

Inside Cover Art Journal 

Inside Cover Art Journal (b)

(I accidentally glued the back inside cover… upside down! Oops!)

As I ventured into learning how to use a sewing machine… I decided to see what it would do with paper… and that is when I began to sew pages together and watch tons of videos on bookbinding… tons out there online… so if you want to try it… just google it… it’s pretty simple… just takes time.

Art Journaling

Can’t wait to start writing and cutting and pasting!!

SO… as Spring approaches…

Royalty Free Image Nest Tea Party

(image: Graphics Fairy)

Hope this inspires you to get out those paint brushes, get out that glue and paper,  get out that needle and thread, get out that hammer and those power tools


 Just Create!!