Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas…


Well… dreamin’ is right.

Because there won’t be any snow in Tennessee this Christmas…

or at least not outside???

That’s right folks… I brought it indoors this year…

with a FLOCKED Christmas Tree!


I mean… doesn’t it look like real snow???  So cool!


It is my first one e-vuh!

I had them go a little light with the flock

because I wanted to see some green.


Now all I need are presents under the tree!

Let’s see…3 more days ‘til Christmas… YIKES!

Better get shopping!! LOL!

But before I go…

I want to wish everyone a

Very Merry Christmas



A Happy New Year!!

May they both be filled with joy, peace and many blessings!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Barn Mantel


So… it hit me…

Why not bring the outdoors in…

by BUILDING an OLE RUSTIC Christmas Barn…

For my Christmas mantel this year!

Since I didn’t have any scrap wood, I had to take a trip to the hardware store.

I found some light cut wood and came up with a plan.


Here… I’ve cut and glued some of the pieces together as you can see.


Now… it’s starting to take shape with the beginning stages of FAUX PAINTING.

Remember… I wanted RUSTIC!

After the faux painting was done, I cut some strips and added that ole barn door.

Barn Door

with a little BLING, BLING!! Smile

Ready for the WHOLE finished barn?


Christmas Barn Mantel


I LIKE!! Smile


Here’s some Christmas Barn Mantel photos for you to enjoy…

Christmas Barn Mantel 2



Notice the snowy branches?

They came from flocked scrap branches at a nursery…free!  Smile

Christmas Barn 2


I added some stacked wood around the barn for an outdoor feel.

Christmas Barn

The lights all around the barn make it real nice and cozy at night!

Christmas Barn 3

And that’s my 2011 Christmas Barn Mantel!

What’s great about this piece is that I can use it anytime of the year.


Next up… the Christmas Tree!

I did something this year… I’ve never “had done” before!

Hope your Christmas Season has been Merry and Bright!!