Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretty Flower Boot Photos…

Just wanted to share some pretty photos with you today.


I believe a possible photographer named Richard Day took all three.  Maybe?

I got them from my mother-in-law.

boot flowers pic

They were a gift to her from her cousin many years ago.

I have seen many pics on the internet with flowers in old boots…

boots and flowers

and have always loved the concept and look.

The cousin wrote Richard Day as the photographer on this photo…

which was framed for my mother-in-law.

truck flowers

I like this one a lot.

Look at that old Dodge truck… and the rusty kid’s dump truck.

Aren’t these GREAT?

Now… as I share these photos…

I guess because of the boots and flowers…THIS is what they make me think of!

Just wanted to share… Smile

Have a wonderful weekend!!