Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nutcracker Makeover

Meet my friend…


He came all the way from China to live here.

I don’t know his history (a neighbor gave him to me when they moved)… but he’s not old… especially since he was born in China.

He does have some wear and tear but he is still in good shape.


Maybe it’s because he has a good diet? 

He loves his veggies!


And he gets his beauty rest, too.

Nutster’s routine is pretty simple.


A little computer time… he likes to check on the weather.


And he likes to read the paper.

But… a couple of things he does NOT like to do

is wash and comb his hair!

That Nutster is a nut… he cracks everybody up!

But Nutster needs a new paint job… he’s peeling really bad.

So time to have a makeover here at Creative Ambitions.

With some sanding, KILZ paint  and Soapstone paint…

Here is the New and Improved Nutster Reveal!


At least NOW…

Nutster doesn’t have to worry about his hair anymore!

It’s funny… after I decide to paint him,

I actually saw a completely white nutcracker in a magazine this year. 

I forget which one.  Maybe you’ve seen it?

I guess that makes me trendy… LOL!

Now… I’m not sure (yet) where his home will be for Christmas…

I think German tradition says the table.

But we will see!

So what do you think?

Got a Nutcracker you want to paint?





  1. Such a cute post. White makes everything so fresh and new.

  2. Love it! I've been on the look out for them. It was in the December Country Living...I'm thinking of making mine all red! Great Job and funny post. Lezlee

  3. Hello Kendra!
    What a cute post!!!
    Nutster really cracks!!!
    Totally renewed in white! Perfect for this time of the year when the traditional decoration is so colorful for itself.
    I also took a look at your last posts and just want to say that everything is perfect!
    Beautiful X-mas tree and topper too!
    I (think) that I finally finished my decorations...would you like to see?
    And Thanks for being around at my blog!!!

  4. I like it better that way. It's very cool and clean looking. Good idea.

  5. Love it. I have a couple from Germany that I got 25 yrs ago. I wouldn't paint them but the ones from China I wouldn't mind so much :)

  6. LOVE THIS, Kendra!!!! (especially him personified!!!)

    I SAW THE WHITE ONE SOMEWHERE TOO!!! I'm gonna grab my mags and's either BHG or REAL SIMPLE or .....oh what's that other one I read...? Forgot the name! Country something or other or maybe it was in the Ballards Catalog???

    Love him white!!!



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