Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Interchangeable Ideas On One Unique Door


I found this old inexpensive door at our local ReStore.

004blog  005blog

It was plain and had some minor damage… but I still fell in love

the bottom panel was either warped or kicked in…

But I knew something would come to mind to fix that.

I actually had several useful ideas for this door

but finally decided on two different ways that I would use it in my home.

First… I knew I would paint it a cream color.


This is my absolute favorite… Soapstone.

Next, on one of my thrift store jaunts… I found this…


a cheap ruffled round tablecloth skirt.

Now remember the warped panel?


I’ve been on a skirt kick lately as some of you know…

and remember… I don’t sew very well.

I figured out that I could cut out the ruffled edge around the bottom

to have an instant skirt.  That means… no sewing!  Smile

Next, I measured the width of the damaged door panel and

cut the skirt to size

in several pieces to create a layered ruffled effect.

I finally bought Fray Check at Hobby Lobby and used it on all the cut edges…

AWESOME STUFF… really works!

I hot glued the ruffles on starting from the bottom up.


Very cute!

Next, I painted some wood appliques and hot glued them on.


This gave the door a nice ornamental touch!


for the two ideas…

I knew I had to buy some wood and cut two new panels to the size

of the raised part of the door panel.

Velcro is used to attach and interchange both pieces.

So… my first idea was to paint a whimsical, colorful piece of art

and basically use the door as a frame for my painting.

028blog  032blog


I just love it! Such a perfect frame!

The next idea…

was to paint a chalkboard

and use it as a menu in the dining room when we have guests.

035blog  037blog


Love this, too.

Two interchangeable ideas

on one unique door!!


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  1. OK, you've gone and done it now girl...I must, must now disassemble a ruffled tablecloth (I know I have one or two of those things hanging around somewhere)and ruffle something...I must! I don't sew, so that's probably the only way I'll ever be able to ruffle anything! I genuinely LOVE the way this turned out...you are so darn clever! Your interchangeable art/chalkboard idea is just perfect...practical, whimsical, and so pretty! You've outdone yourself!

    Also, Kendra, as a fellow artist, I really want to encourage you to do more painting...you have a really fresh style that I think has real commercial appeal...keep it up; you never know where it may take you!! But no matter whether your art is on the cover of a magazine some day or just graces the walls of your own home alone, it is a wonderful outward expression of the joy you have inside and it is a delight to be able to see it here! Thanks for sharing!

    Sorry for writing a book... you just really inspired me today and I'm grateful!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  2. Be still my heart! That is the loveliest and the most creative thing I have laid eyes on!!! You got that much ruffle from that table cloth?? Wow!!!

    LOVE your HAPPY painting! The colors just pop!

    And the way you wrote MENU - sweet!!!! Both ideas just make me SMILE!

    You NEED to win some award for this, ok?


  3. Kendra-I love this project!! I'll be sharing this on my FB page today!

    You always amaze me with your creativity. You inspired me to get out my paints and paint a picture again...I haven't done that in a long time. :)

  4. Wow! I Love this project...You are very creative and inspiring! Thanks for sharing..

  5. That is amazing!!! All of your touches are perfect!

  6. Kendra this is beautiful! I especially love the blackboard idea. It looks so fantastic in the corner where you put it! I'm thinking you can never have enough chalkboards.

  7. I really love both ideas and beautiful execution! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations.

  8. I LOVE this Kendra!!!! Both ways are beautiful and LOVE the ruffles! What a clever and creative piece you created! Have fun interchanging and playing around with it!!

  9. love what you did!!!!! both ideas are super great and your painting is so whimsical....

  10. What a wonderful creation... so soft and flowing... I am loving the ruffles with the chalkboard... great job.

    Love your painting too, some hidden talent going on there. I agree you have a very unique style. Looks fab ulous on the door also.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Now I want to go dress a door I have sitting waiting for the right project.

    Hugs, Deb

  11. I love your painting! You have got me wanting to ruffle up something. I need to think something up now. It really came out cute. I like it both ways.

  12. I love both sides! How cool to be able to turn it around when you want a change. This is great again love it!


  13. Kendra! Wow! That door is most definitely the "crow's toes" in my book! The ruffles are absolutely beautiful! You sure have a knack for dressing things up with skirts - I feel a "Kendra" trend blooming. You rock! And you paint too? Be still my heart, I can't keep up with your talent!

  14. You AMAZE me!! I want to squeeze You!! Ha ha! Every time I peek at what you are up to I LOVE IT!!!!! Both ways are terrific :) It looks great in that corner..

  15. That door is AWESOME!

    I read your "Creative Journey" Page and I have to tell you, I have the exact same dreams and frustrations. Sometimes it's all consuming, but I try very hard to let the Lord take the lead. I know things will happen in His time!

    Glad to "meet" you! Oh, by the way - I'm in Tennessee too!

  16. Kendra. I am stopping over from Your talking To Much...Isn't she a scream?? Anyway, I LOVE this idea! The ruffles are adorable. I would love for you to come over and link it up at Restored It Wednesday here...http://restoreinteriors.blogspot.com/2011/02/restored-it-wednesday_22.html

    There is still a little time left. Your ideas are amazing.
    Blessings to you...BTW- Mark 10:27 is one of my favorite verses. I speak this over my children all the time:)

  17. This is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Would it be ok if I use your photos on my blog (linking to you, of course) because I am scared to death my blogging friends might miss this amazing idea?

    Now, excuse me while I, one, sign up to follow you to the ends of the earth and, two, read your blog from "cover to cover".

  18. Just found your blog today! Such great creative ideas. Love it!

  19. What a cute idea! I love the ruffles and the interchangable art. Very original...and beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  20. New to your blog. Clever adaption of the door especially with the chalk board.

  21. Love those ruffles! I bought one of those table clothes a while back at Goodwill, and just took off the closet doors as part of my craft room remodel, now I know what to do with them! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm your newest follower!

  22. Love this! The ruffles are so wonderful. It turned out great.

  23. How cute is that! love the ruffles...just the perfect touch. You are one clever girl!


  24. Im impressed! You are so clever. Fiona

  25. This is pretty darn cool,,, I LOVE it, especially as the chalkboard... I would love, love, love if you came to link up to my party.

    I am loving your blog, very cool, and you have sooooo many great ideas,,,

    I am happily your newest follower.

    Come say hi sometime!! Bella Before and After , and if you want to win an Avocado Painting, come enter myGIVEAWAY HERE, I really appreciate the support.

    Bella :)

  26. Very fun idea! Love it as a chalk board! Congrats

  27. Just found you through Ucreate Crafts. You're seriously amazing. Love all your stuff and am happily a new follower!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth and for your sweet comment!!


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