Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Dresses… what have you done with yours?

So…did you watch the Royal Wedding this past Friday?

What did you think of the dress?

I thought it was absolutely gorgeous!


As everyone is saying… very Grace Kelly!

I LOVE the lace on her dress.


In fact, my wedding dress was made of lace.



The whole dress including the train.

004 005

Soooo… the burning question is…

What to do with the wedding dress afterwards?

Kate’s dress…

well, I read it will go on display in London.


Mine is still in the bag in a closet!

I had big plans for my dress.

As you can see it has a halter top and I had planned

to shorten it and make it into a sundress.

But weight gain came quickly there after…

like 10 pounds from the honeymoon alone…LOL!

So in the bag it stayed.

But… I still have hope I will fit back into it one day…


I am currently working on that!

All this leads me to the question…

What did you do with your wedding dress?

Is it bagged up and stored in a closet?  Did you make it into something else? 

Did you pass it down to somebody in your family?

Did you sell it?  Burn it?

Do you display it?

Kate’s dress made me think about my dress…

it was nice to revisit it… in the closet.

Maybe one day I will get to alter it and wear it as a sundress!



  1. Your dress is beautiful. I actually had my preserved hoping that one of my girls might wear it someday. I doubt it though as their tastes are pretty different from mine.

    Hope you are doing great.

  2. Love the lace! Mine is hanging in the spare room at my parents, tucked away in the closet. I've only looked at it once since the wedding, but then that was only eight months ago, hee hee. No idea what will become of it.

  3. I would love to do something with mine, but the syle makes it difficult to make into anything casual enough to wear very often, so it's still in the bag at home. Fortunately, I can still fit into mine, so I have fun slipping it on every year on our anniversary and wear it around the house for a while! It's already dirty from it being muddy outside the day of our wedding, so I don't have to worry about anything happing to it!

  4. I think turning your wedding dress into a cute little sundress is a brilliant idea. After I get married, I hope I'd have more uses for my dress too. I love the lace also. I think Kate's dress is so pretty. I was surprised I liked her sleeves so much, but they're beautiful and modest. Perfect for a princess!

  5. I plan to make my daughter's baptism dress out of mine when she turns 8. I think a blessing dress for your baby would be special too!

  6. In the closet in a bag. I don't think I could even squeeze myself in the bag - let alone the dress!

  7. I loved Catherine's gown! Absolutely beautiful!

    Mine is preserved and stored in my basement. Last summer I got it out and put in on for my boys to see. They called me a "beautiful princess"!!! (boys are the best!!) I ponder the question of what to do with it from time to time. I don't come up with an answer. Mine is off the shoulders, lace bodice and lace around the bottom (we had a summer picnic wedding). Since white is in I might use it in the decor of our new house! Or maybe not!

    Your gown is gorgeous and you look stunning in it!!!!!

    Let's try to come up with some more ideas for what to do with them...I think I may Google that! I'll let you know what I come up with!


  8. Hi Kendra,
    I love your wedding dress and you looked beautiful! I do not have my wedding dress any longer. I cut it up and redesigned it for a show my daughter was dancing in..
    I watched the royal wedding like everyone else and I just adored it..I thought it was perfect in everyway.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  9. oH, I loved Kate's dress..and her hair...and her eyes...and her teeth...and her ....well...I just loved everything about the beautiful young woman. SO DID HE !! :))

    I just HAVE to send you a link to right back.
    xo bj

  10. Hi Kendra
    The was just beautiful wasn't it. I loved her dress. She is so pretty and slim and the lace was lovely...and he was so handsome. A lovely couple who certainly a[ear to be so in love.

    Your dress is very beautifujl too and it looks somewhat similar doesn't it? Wouldn't that be nice if you wore it wone day as a sundress. That would be so special.My dress? Well I gave it away to the salvation army I think years ago.

    I hope you are having a great day today

  11. I think that I'm the only person that didn't watch the wedding :) as for my wedding dress, I don't know where it went, but I can say for sure that if I did still have it, I would not fit into it. No way!

    You were a lovely bride! Used to women would store their dresses for their daughters. I don't think that is done much anymore.

  12. The Duchess' wedding dress? Absolutely gorgeous, it might be compared with Grace Kelly but I love it more in simple white plus the details around the hemline is so pretty. It really makes me think of the dress my mom passed unto me, its restyled generation to generation.
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  13. It is a beautiful dress and the lace really does look pretty.Diamonds and pearls suit the outfit beautifully.I think a emerald or ruby also would not look bad.Anniversary gift ideas


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