Friday, November 9, 2012

Trip to Maine… Part 3


Well folks… this is the third part of our trip to Maine.

I surely couldn’t show it all… there is so much to do and see so I’m just touching on the highlights.

First of all… Hurricane Sandy finally reached us Monday evening.

It didn’t hit Maine as hard as it did the devastated areas.

We mainly experienced the outer bands whipping in off the water.

This is a small video I took with my camera of Hurricane Sandy Winds just beginning in Maine.

The lights flickered a few times where we were staying but never completely went out.  However, some areas just down the road did lose power.

I have never been through a hurricane and all I can say was that it sounded like constant thunder once it became steady.  The fire trucks and a few cars that were out on the street sounded like metal scraping along the roads.  There were a lot of scary noises happening. 

Our flight out got cancelled twice so we decided to stick it out for a few days until the next flight and head further up north to the Acadia Mountains.

First stop was a foggy Bar Harbor.



Lots of cute shops along the street in Bar Harbor… but most of them had closed down for the season.


We did find a candy store opened which had this sign in the window.

Hmmm… Lobster Ice Cream?  Interesting.

The next day was spent in the surrounding Acadia Mountains.

acadia  acadia2

We enjoyed a beautiful ride up Cadillac Mountain and took in as much beauty as we could.

The fog and clouds were still rolling in up high from the remnants of the storm.

acadia 3



But … the scenery on the ride around the park was still gorgeous!


I couldn’t even begin to share all the photos we took… so many cool places to explore there.

After visiting Bass Harbor Lighthouse (above)… we started our journey back to Portland.


We passed a lot of towns on the water like this… so pretty.

Next stop… airport.  Don’t worry…no pics from the airport…lol.

We had such an awesome time in Maine. 

Mainers have a beautiful place to call home… so glad we got to visit!



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