Monday, December 10, 2012

Balsam Fir for Christmas


If you read my blog then you know the hubs and I took a trip to Maine recently.

One of my favorite little towns is Freeport!

llbean store

It’s the home of the Flagship LLBean Store(s) and lots of outlet stores.

frprt4 (2)

Well… throughout the LLBean Stores… they had these balsam fir pillows in crates & barrels.

BOY… did they smell GOOD!!


So… I bought two small pillows… it was about all I could afford.

ANNNNNDDDDD… one big bag of pure balsam fir that I could use for my own crafts at home.

Let’s just say when I got home… the suitcase smelled like a winter forest! :)


And then I started thinking… I wonder if I can order the bags of Balsam Fir from Paine’s it self?

Turns out you can!  So I did… 5 Bags!!


And this NO SEW girl has been making Balsam Fir Pillows of her own ever since for my home and for gifts!

That’s been one of my fun Christmas crafts this year…

listening to Christmas Music,

making these pillows and sitting them around the home for some home fragrance.


You get a whiff of it every time you walk by the entry way.

Also, I think they make a great gift.


Here are some sachets I made for gifts.


I think they’re pretty cute!


I also made some balsam felt mittens to put by the fireplace.

I think heat is can help bring the smell out…

thinking about putting some in the bottom of the stockings.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the whiffs of balsam fir fragrance around the house this Christmas season.

To see this year’s Christmas Mantel… Click Here

To see this year’s Christmas Entry Way… Click Here



  1. Made my heart smile when I read you enjoyed coming Maine.. I really hope you all had a great time exploring the many offers we have here..I too love the smell of balsam and making anything i can with it..Hopefully you will come back and enjoy more of what this great state has to offer..
    take care

    1. Hey Teresa! Yes... we LOVE Maine... it's been two months since we were there and we are still talking about it! Felt like I got alot of inspiration from our visit. It's so beautiful... hope we do get to go back and visit again!!

  2. Ok, I had to interrupt my reading here to go purchase bags of balsam fir! You NO SEW GIRL!!!! LOVE your sachets - all of them! Seriously, I can smell the stuff through the computer!!!!! It's one of my favorite fragrances! Reminds me of hiking in the Adirondacks!

    Thanks for going to Maine this year ;)

    Love ya! Your decor reminds me of the shops in Maine - so rustic and lovely.



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