Friday, May 24, 2013

Using Old Items and Recycling for My Art Supply Storage


Since Mom and I started renting an antique booth, I have come across many pieces that I want to keep!

This Old Grape Crate is just one of the things she had that I couldn’t let go of... yet.

I am currently using it in my art studio…

old grape crate 

old grape crate (a)

At first, I thought this would look great somewhere in the house as décor but as I thought about it… I needed a carrier for some art supplies.

old grape crate (b)

This grape crate worked out perfectly for some of my paints.

Art Supplies Crate

I have a plastic carrier I use, as well… but lovin’ this wood crate so much more!


Another handy storage item are these old rectangle fruit baskets mom had… she had a huge stack of them.

I think you can still buy them in hardware stores.

Of course any basket will do (they are so cheap at thrift stores)…

I have a few that hold different assortments of supplies!

Coffee Can Art Storage

I also use coffee cans, Ovaltine cans (the hubby and I love some good Ovaltine every now and then!) and old pitchers for brushes and other taller things.

Very nice storage for my art supplies!

Tea Box Storage

And last… these are not old… but I do love them… Fortunes Tea Boxes!!

I love the graphics on these little boxes!

Perfect for storing some of my wood pieces or anything else that I can come up with.

Speaking of art stuff

I have been working on some special new pieces… hope to share them with you soon… and…

FYI: some crate wood is involved! 

Crate wood makes everything special!  Smile



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