Monday, June 3, 2013

From Shipping Crate to Crate Table to Crate Art


OK… are you sitting down?

Don’t pass out…ok?

Crate Table (a)

Remember this?

Shipping Crate Table

It’s my Shipping Crate Table… Click Here to see it’s transformation.


now it’s this…

Shipping Crate Panels

I know… I know… R.I.P. Crate Table!

Yep… I decided to dismantle it.

I just simply didn’t have a need for it anymore and I have always loved the big chunky wood framed panels it had… so I decided to dismantle and use the panels for other things.

Shipping Crate Table Checkerboard

For instant… the checkerboard lid… I used it here… for my Winter Mantel that actually got an feature!

(my only claim to fame…lol!)

And the side panels… well… I may use some for mantel displays or wall hangings???  I don’t know… but I do know that I wanted to use a couple of them for my ART!

The great thing about art is that it doesn’t always have to be painted on  canvas… right?  RIGHT!

OK… so I totally got inspired the other day…


mom bought this Country Home Magazine…

and when I turned to page 48… this is what I saw! 

Country Home Magazine

isn’t it beautiful???

I was Sooooooo INSPIRED by this art!!

Great, Great Issue by the way… this one’s a keeper!

Anyway… it inspired me to create my own version using a side panel from my dismantled crate table…

Flowered Crate Art Piece (A)


I grabbed one of the crate panels and painted over the center with black.

Next, I drew out my design and started painting…

Here is my Flowers In Urn Crate Panel art piece…

Flowers In Urn  Crate Painting

I’m not a very realistic painter… more impressionistic and folk like all at the same time… lol.

My crate painting is way smaller than the one in the magazine…

Flowers in Urn Crate Panel Painting

The flowers are hydrangeas with some creeping Jenny and what I call my wildflowers… Smile

I like the way it turned out…

Hope you like!


*hopefully next week??*

Remember my Southern Porch in the making post?  Updates coming soon!  :)




  1. Knocked it out of the park Kendra - fabulous repurpose of a repurpose!! It's so very pretty! Keep it up!!

  2. Rock N Roll!!! It's beautiful!!!!! I have two slabs of wood downstairs just crying out for me to paint on them too! You do inspire!!!!!


  3. Girl, you never stop amazing me! I love it! I love it better than the one in the picture! I like your colrs and flowers much better! Keep up the good art!!

  4. Your painting turned out great! I love repurposing things into something new.

    1. Thanks Mindy... I actually added some deeper color to it the other day... love using these crate panels for canvas!


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