Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Tree(s) with Mantel

Well folks… only a few days ‘til Christmas… are you ready??


I am just now getting my tree(s) up and I haven’t done any shopping at all!

I wasn’t even going to put up a tree this year.

Been VERY busy taking care of my sick fur babySad smile

Neeko outside

Not sure what’s wrong… at first they thought lymphoma but now they think maybe autoimmune… so??

Let’s just say we’ve had a rough go these last few weeks!

 Praying he makes it through and continues to do well on his meds.

Soooo… with all that going on… I have not quite been in the Christmas spirit this year.

But, when Neeko would fall asleep, it gave me some down time…

So I thought what would be easy if I did have a tree???

 How about the two light weight artificial pre-lit trees I usually use outside??

Christmas Mantel and Tree 2013

YEP!  I will go with that… and glad I did!

It’s quite funny… last couple of years I have been taking the tops off these two and sticking them in my planters by the door on my front porch…   

Hey… It works!!


Since they are on the smaller side… I did decide to do both trees together!

I used my galvanized tubs again for the bases and filled one of them with ornaments and lit garland.

OH, OH… and let me show you these ADORABLE ornaments from Target

 Christmas Ornaments

I hung them around my mantel.

Did anyone get any of these this year???  SO CUTE!

They fit right in with my Snowy Christmas Village Mantel Theme!

Christmas Birdhouse

In the corner…  I hung my pine cone wreath from last year on this beloved birdfeeder and added the two felt bird ornaments.

It’s like your walking  outside through the decorated forest of the village next door!!

(or at least in my mind…lol!)

Christmas Mantel and Christmas Tree

Having two trees makes it really cozy in the living room this year…

exactly what I like!

Christmas Living Room

Looking at this photo…

it would have been cool to have two more on the other side!?!


Merry Christmas everyone!

May it be Merry and Bright with lots of Blessings!!

Now off to hug and love on my fur baby!! Smile




  1. It's so cheery! I LOVE it! This year have we got lights! Whoa! All over the place. And cozy it is! Your corner looks like the big guy in the red suit might just sit down and pose for photos! Perfect setting

    Hope your sweet one is feeling more like himself



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