Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspiration That I Found For Living Out Our Dreams and Goals In Life

We all seem to have some sort of dreams and goals in life.
I have MANY creative ambitions floating around in this head of mine.
Sometimes the visions and thoughts get overwhelming and I can’t seem to keep up.
I then lose sight of them and either forget them or get distracted from them just from the daily routine of life… and HONESTLY… with me… just plain laziness.
I'm sad to say… 
I have become just a dreamer and not a doer… and that bothers me.
And because of that... I just see life standing still and not moving forward.

Well… one night… I was listening to a TV ministry program
and one of the guests was Terri Foy.
I knew of her but had never listened to her.

That night she spoke right into the heart of me about my dreams and goals.
She also had a plan… a way to organize those dreams and goals.
So recently… I began listening and watching her videos on her Youtube channel.

I also watched some Church videos I found from her conferences overseas.

 That also led me to John C. Maxwell (a success coach/motivational speaker)… she spoke of him and quoted from him.

So… I began to watch and listen to some of his videos that are posted on Youtube… Wow!  I received so much motivation on how to discipline myself and how to approach my visions and dreams in life.
I also received some insight (from both of them) on
 who I was becoming verses who I want to become.

Now to get started...
Terri’s focus is getting a vision for your life, writing it down, having pictures/photos to go along with those dreams… keeping those pictures in front of you and then acting as if it has already come to pass.  All of these principles are biblically based.

You can order her image books or just buy your own like I did...

I'm in the middle of printing out my pics and posting them in different places.

I also created a vision board in my art room.

Terri talks about her board in her office and how to set one up in this video...

You want to keep your visions, dreams, and goals in your sight all the time because... out of sight... out of mind.

From the videos I watched… Maxwell’s focus is on taking 5 things and doing them everyday to further your purpose in life.  The one suggestion I love most is: everyday… add value to others.

We live in such a “me” world these days… and it’s so easy to lose sight of helping others in their journey when all you think about is your own journey… and yes…at times I’m guilty of this myself.

They both give such great examples how to do all these things that help organize, advance, and grow the visions and dreams that you have for your life.
And I love that Terry calls them “those God inspired ideas.”

So... I just wanted to share with you these resources I have found for learning how to live out your dreams and goals... and being inspired and motivated to do them!  They have really blessed me!

I would love to hear any advice or experiences that you have had in living out your dreams! 

Please share if you have started a vision board and a journey of fulfilling your dreams and goals in your life!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Some Paintings I’ve Been Working On


Hi again everyone!  Two posts in one week… that’s a wow for me!

I just wanted to share with you some paintings I’ve been working on in the midst of our backyard makeover.

I try to get some creative time in when it’s raining or too hot outside to work.

I LOVE painting and creating… so here you go…

Girl Playing Guitar

So enjoyed painting this gal and her guitar!

Folk Flower Painting

And… I always have to throw some Folk Flower Paintings in the mix!

Folk Flower Crate Art

This one is painted on one of those Shipping Crate Table Panels I’ve been holding on to for awhile now.

And last… but not least…

Cow Wing Back Chair Painting

This painting (it’s a biggy) actually started out as something else… but after some frustration with it… I wiped the slate clean and painted this…

it is one of my FAVS this summer and I may do a series of them!

As you can tell… I’ve been in a colorful mood with my art here lately… and loving it!

KJoyner Art

I am always thinking about selling my paintings again… I’m in the process of trying to figure out where and when.

Thanks for stopping by… hope you enjoyed! 



Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update on Backyard



Helloooooo Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t chimed in here on the blog lately…

It’s been a busy summer!

We are STILL working in our backyard.

Just when I thought we were close to finishing… we decided to add just a few more projects on the list…

YEP… because we are cool like that… uh huh!


Soooo… we decided to rescreen our back deck… ourselves… surprise, surprise!

We had some privacy trees put in… that we did not do ourselves…Ha!


We also decided to bring in some creek rock.

(Talk about being sore.)


And it is all SLOWLY coming together!  Things are blooming and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Hope you are having a great summer!

To show you where we’ve been to where we are going in our back yard…

click here…


Friday, May 23, 2014

Our DIY Backyard Project… Seven Years In The Making (So Far)


We’ve been working on our backyard ever since we moved in 7 years ago.  We initially put in a lot of hard work… was fine with that…

until we weren’t…

and then we changed it up all over again!

Backyard Project

This is what it first looked like when we moved in.


Pretty nice… except the yard had some muddy spots and held water really bad… very sloshy and muddy in spots after it rained.  When you have indoor dogs… that’s not good!

Portage Stone Back Yard Project

Our first attempt at fixing the muddy problem was adding portage stone pavers and a stone retaining wall for part of our sloping yard…

and then reseeding the yard.


Backyard Project Retaining Wall

(My hubby can build a beautiful wall!)

In order to have the stone go from one side of the yard to the other… I had to space them apart to stretch them out… leaving huge gaps between the stone that I filled with gravel and sand.


Then… we decided to open up our deck and add stairs all the way around it.

4b  4a


Not bad… and we were happy with it for a few years…


Unfortunately… after all this work… and over that few years…

their was flooding and mud below the steps and it became a huge problem, the stairs eventually warped (looked awful) and the stones ended up with tons of dirt and weeds between them and on top of them… which made them look bad.  It took a lot of maintenance to keep them clean.


And the trees didn’t help either… very shady and moist… perfect for mildew build up on the porch and pavors.

We eventually had the trees removed… and that beautiful big tree in the photo… had a huge hole all the way through the center… yikes!  Glad we got it out of there before it ever fell!

We finally realized that the drainage system was getting worse over the years and causing a lot of our flooding/muddy/mildew problem… aside from our sloping yard.



we decided to pull the pavers up, pull up the old drainage system and lay new pvc pipe last year.  And yes… we did this ourselves!  Pulled up the stone and started digging.  Very hard work as we had to route it all the way to the side of our house and to the road… lots of digging… in the middle of a humid summer… ugh!

5b  005 (2)

But… “we got ‘er done”!


Then… we turned our attention to the deck…


we decided to build a new extension and make it slightly bigger.

(a friend of mine built the deck for us and I helped with the railing)


As for the portage stone… 

We had pulled most of it up for the new drainage and so I pulled all of it up and decided to lay it the way it was meant to be.

Portage Stone Patio and Fire Pit

As you can see… we also added a fire pit area.

It’s been lots of hard work and sweat… (lots of icing the back) but totally worth it in the end.

We are still currently adding finishing touches… like painting the deck, etc.

I will show the “finished” project (ahem)… well… hopefully this summer! Smile

Thanks For Stopping By!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reflecting Back on My Art


Just reflecting back on some of my art today.  

Most of it was VERY COLORFUL pieces!

Folk Flower Art By KJoyner

I don’t know if some of you even knew that I use to paint and sell online… and maybe some of you bought some paintings from me?   It was a complete leap of faith I took a few years ago… like quitting my job leap of faith and pursuing art and painting.  

Women Abstract Art By KJoyner

As with most things… it took a few months to get established and to start developing a customer base… with those who began to collect some of my work.

 Cat Art By KJoyner

Unfortunately, it was around the time when the economy busted and sales dropped to a point I couldn’t continue pursuing it.  

Folk Women Art By KJoyner

I have yet to take that leap of faith again since the economy has slightly improved…

but I do think about it.

Crab Art by KJoyner 

In the meantime…  I just wanted to share some of my previous work that I sold online. 

Sea Art by KJoyner

Folk Fish Art By KJoyner

I was very much into colorful beach type artwork but was able to try my hand at other types of art, as well.

Fancy Girl by KJoyner

I often wonder if people are still enjoying the paintings they bought from me.


I leave with you some of my most recent work…

Mixed Media Art By KJoyner

My use of Color and Style has definitely evolved some.

And just to let you know…

I still enjoy my home d├ęcor styling and DIY projects I do here on Creative Ambitions. 


Painting is also a passion of mine… it’s my escape and the joy that comes from it is beyond words! 

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory “art” lane today!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Mantel 2014



 Spring Time

And well… that means it’s Mantel Time!

This one is a little different than my normal displays…

Spring Mantel Front

I kept it simple and “flow-y”… light and bright!

I created a window by using an old canvas art frame… along with foam core to create fake windowpanes.

(I didn’t have a gigantic old window… so I improvised)

In other words… got creative!!

Spring Mantel Side

I took some fabric scraps and decided to tie them on top of the frame…

that’s my “flow-y” affect… uh-hum.

I repainted some clay pots I already had… (keeping with a semi monochromatic theme) and placed them around the window frame and fireplace.

Front Spring Mantel

I love these roses from Hobby Lobby… they look so real!

Branches in Pail

I kept the same branches and pail from my winter mantel…

Watering Can

and then added an old watering can with flowers on the other side.

And voila…

Living Room Spring Mantel

The pale yellows paired with the creams and whites really brightens up the living room and gives it a fresh clean feel…



To see all my past mantelsCLICK HERE!



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Inspired Decorative Display Dress Form

Once upon a time…

I made my own decorative display dress form (from scratch)… tutorial here.

I made it out of paper mache.

It was a long and tedious project… but of course…

fun and adventurous at the same time!

Decorative Dress Form Tutorial

This time

I used The Polka Dot Closet’s way… (thank you Carol!!)

I bought one from Barr Display

So much easier…lol!

I love Carol’s work and have been so inspired by her dress forms!

Polka Dot Closet Forms

Ok… gorgeous right?

I’ve been wanting to make my own for awhile now…

And so… I finally made one…

Here she is!

Decorative Display Form

Not too “shabby”… eh?

I really love the way she turned out!

I used a hollow back form from Barr Display.

The base is #8020 and the form is #8020W if ordering…

they are two separate items.

Thanks to Carol (The Polka Dot Closet) for the inspiration and all the info on her blog…

and thanks to Barr Display for an easy shopping experience!