Saturday, January 31, 2015

Antique/Artisan Booth Photo Opp for Application

Hi Everyone!

This post issss... 
all 'bout the booth, 'bout the booth, no worries... 
got that tune in my head thing... and making up my own lyrics! Ha! :)
Local opportunities may be on the horizon and I want to share them here for all to see!
A really neat (which the word neat doesn't even encompass what I mean) place just opened up around where I live and yes...
 did I say neat?? 
Ummm fabulous... Annddd awesome...and phenomenal... 
 beautiful and full of character kind of place
 opened up called 
Vinterest Antiques!

Can you tell I'm a fan??

They refer to it as "Pinterest come alive!"  And it truly is.  They support local Artisans, DIYer's, and Repurposers...
like myself...((ahem))

I am teaming up with some other "re-purposers" and "pickers" and applying for a space in this place!

We did a Photo Opp for how our space will look and added some photos of our unique and antique items to show the kinds of items we sell and have sold.

This post will be a part of our application for one of their big booths!

So here are photos for the 1st teammate
who just named her business...

Dixie Renegade

Garana has some really cool things...

She makes belted chairs and rockers, lots of fabulous chalkboards, customized decorative guitars, refinished furniture, and the list goes on and on. 

Look at these tables... she added graphics to them after painting and staining them!! 

She is also hoping to add an antique wardrobe of vintage clothing to her space in the near future!  Now to find that Antique Wardrobe... hmmm... I'm sure she will!

She combines her skills for repurposing with her love for picking and adds her unique finds and creations to her booth. 
And did I mention she makes soap??  Good smelling soap! :)

She distressed and added chicken wire to this cabinet and sold it the other day!

This girl has a great space and she's got some skills! 
I would be honored to partner up with the Dixie Renegade!!

Next up...

KJoyner Designs 
(that's me!)
(aka Creative Ambitions)

I have been working on my art and selling in a current booth in another town.

Vinterest would give me an opportunity to expand and grow as an artist, repurposer and creator.

Of course, I love to combine my mom's vintage pieces and antiques with my displays!

In this picture... you can see a lot of my creations like the crate lid checkerboard, the crate panel sign, my ruffled door, artsy painted furniture, and my pine cone trees, and of course my art!

Mom has all the old baskets and buckets that I like... and just look at that antique baseball stitcher in the photo... what a great piece!

She will be adding the fun antiques to the mix... things like this antique donut filler!

old wood crates and lanterns...
 mom has some great stuff!! 

Fits in well with my folk art paintings... don't ya think??
Even the abstract pieces that I will add to the mix would blend in well with all the yummy metal and wood!

Aside from my paintings and my DIY creations, 
I also like to dabble in mixed media art.
I think Vinterest would be a fantastic place to share my love for creativity and for mom to share some of her nostalgic pieces!

we have  
Memories On Market
Memories will bring furniture and classic pieces to our space.

Rosemary is a picker and buyer and loves to find a good bargain!

She opened a shop in her hometown to sell her wares and to help others pickers to have a place to sell their finds and repurposed items! Just spreading the love! 


They have an array of items that will appeal to a lot of buyers!
Her husband and her also repurpose and refinish furniture, as well.

It will be a great experience to team up together and 
create a unique space at

We will definitely bring...
 "a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll"
to our space!

Hope we get a spot! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Plans... Following My Dreams... Making it Happen!

Hey everyone!

I hadn't had time to get around to a "New Year Post"... but I do hope you all had a great start to 2015!

As a new year often brings reflection and new resolutions... I have been in the process of praying and figuring out new goals for  myself over the last few months!

I've made some personal commitments to myself but also some professional goals, as well!

To those who read this blog... you know I started Creative Ambitions many moons ago as a DIYer and have loved every minute of it!

But... as the years have passed... my love for painting art has sparked once again (not that it ever truly left... just put on hold I guess).
I realize that most of you are here for DIYness and not Art.  When I started CA... I had just been blown away from the recession and took a hit with successfully selling my art online... as most people did.  
So CA came from a place of new inspiration of DIY ideas... and it has been great!  Many friendships were made in blog land, in Facebook world, and Pinterest over these last few years.  I've had numerous blog features... including!  I've had so much fun with CA!  But... it was created for DIYness and I have decided to keep it DIY!

So with that in mind and moving forward... I am starting new sites and concentrating more on my art and opportunities that evolve around it.

Creative Ambitions will stay... at least for awhile... and I may end up just linking it to my art page.  I still plan to decorate my mantels and create DIY stuff and post here...

but I am planning on concentrating more on my Art for 2015! 

So far... I've created a new FB page under KJoyner Studios.
I joined Instagram as kendrajoyner with KJoyner Studios as my title.

I'm hoping that the 'Studios' part of the title will suggest "creative" in some way because I want to keep it broad enough to include all my creative abilities and talents in the future.

The name has been the hardest part for me.  So many choices and possibilities... but as I take business e-courses... the advice seems to be "use your name" in whatever you choose.

 Now... I need to get an official website (and to see what name is available)... still working on that one. 

But making it happen!!  Woot Woot!

just wanted to give all who are visiting my blog a heads up on my plans.  I will still be around on Creative Ambitions so if you need me... just holler!!

If you want to check out my art... you can scroll down the home page here at CA and find some.  I have some art photos on the Creative Ambitions Facebook page, as well! 

If you are interested in buying and are local to my area... I currently sell my art in a store called Memories on Market in Dayton, TN.
I hope to expand my art's availability as I grow! 

If you want to follow my artistic adventures... come over and like my new pages!  I would love for you to join me for some creative fun!

KJoyner Art at KJoyner Studios

Thanks Everyone!! 
~Follow your dreams... Make it Happen~

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Mantel with Lattice Christmas Trees

I had this huge sheet of lattice... you know the big sheet you buy from Lowe's... that we had been using in my mom's antique booth/my art space!


we didn't need it anymore.  So, I brought it home wondering...

what am I going to do with a sheet of lattice?

It was around the same time I had been thinking about my Christmas Mantel and had no clue what to do this year.

And then the light bulb went off in my head and I came up with...

Lattice Christmas Trees!

So… here is my latest Christmas Creation for this year’s

Christmas Mantel!

Lattice Christmas Trees

All I did was take my big sheet of lattice and find the shapes I wanted & marked them out with pencil. 

Creative Ambitions Blog

I suggest that you either staple or glue the parts of the lattice

that are not stapled together… 

If you don’t… it will all fall apart as you cut it and you may lose the pattern! 

From Creative Ambitions Blog

And just remember that you have to cut through it… so watch out for any metal from the staples and cut around them!  I used a jigsaw to cut my triangle shapes out.  I cut different size triangles.  Next… I would glue to together my shapes… back to back… and glue a strip to the bottom of the triangle to finish framing it.

From Creative Ambitions


I chose to stack them and glue them…

one on top of the other… to make it look like a tree.

Here is the rest of the my Christmas Mantel…

Christmas Mantel 2014 (a)

I simple propped the Lattice Christmas Trees on some stacked cut wood rounds that I have used on several of my mantel displays and leaned them against the wall.

Creative Ambitions Blog Lattice Trees

Lights were strung up behind them to highlight their diamond shapes more…

and to make it look really Christmas-y!!

It’s like having my own little Woodland Christmas Tree Forest!

Christmas Mantel 2014 (b)

Christmas Mantel Creative Ambitions

I saw these CUTE tall plaid reindeer at Target today for $15 each

(but didn’t buy Sad smile).


Thought they would look cute standing by the Lattice Trees!

Christmas Mantel

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Mantel 2014


Lattice Christmas Trees!

Christmas Mantel by Creative Ambitions

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Luke 2:1-20

Links to all my Seasonal Mantel Displays can be found HERE.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Trip to Vermont And Some Inspired Art

Just wanted to share a few pics
 from a recent trip to Vermont.
What a beautiful place!
 Everywhere we visited had quaint little towns with that ol' time-y charm and character.

And wow... that famous fall color... just beautiful!

This is us in Woodstock, Vermont...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Mantel 2014

Fall is right around the corner...
the cool breeze, no humidity, the smell of outdoor firewood burning, leaves falling... 
I love it!!

As most of you may know...
every year... 
I try to do a fall mantel.

This year was no exception...
And of course... 
I had to bring out the ol' hammer, paint, and glue on this one.

My house was under construction for a few days.

But I got it finished!
here is my Fall Mantel for 2014...

Welcome to my
Pumpkin Patch!

I decided to go a little arts and crafty on this one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Backyard Makeover... part two

Finally finished!! 

Well, sorta... 
still adding little touches here and there... but the heavy hard work is finally finished! 

This is the continuation of our DIY backyard makeover...

In this post here... I took you through the journey of our back yard issues and our redo(s) along the way.

But finally... I can show you what our backyard looks like now...

It went from this...

To this...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY Vendor Display Rack To Hang Merchandise On... pursuing my dreams

In my last post...
I left you with some sources of inspiration I found online to develop and reach your goals and dreams in life.

I hope to continue sharing the progress I have made in my life as time goes on... by writing my dreams down on paper, creating a vision board, speaking over those dreams daily and working toward those goals.

One area in my dream pursuits that I wanted to give some more time to is my art. 
 Just to recap... I quit my job back in 2007 to pursue a dream of being a full time artist.  I began painting and selling online... steadily developing a customer base and business.  However, when the economy crashed in 2008... so did my sales and I eventually quit selling art altogether.

Fast forward til now... My mother and I started renting an antique booth last year.  She sells antiques and vintage items and I try to sell my art.  The problem with that is I have never had an art display or a real art presence in the booth... I have just "thrown" my paintings in there and hoped they would sell.

So... that is what I have been working on lately... ways to display and make more of an artistic statement in our booth.

I had some blank ornaments packed up for a few years now and I recently got them out and started painting.  I realized that I did not have a way to hang them... 
so I got my DIY juices flowing and came up with this floor display rack...

This is how I started...