Monday, June 7, 2010

Repainted Faux Stone Wall


Do you remember the faux stacked stone wall I painted in my kitchen?

Well… I painted over it… yep!

If you remember… I warned you in that post that I was thinking about doing it!

Well… I finally took the plunge and went for it… UH-gain…

thanks to the “Gitter Done” project over at Funky Junk Interiors…

AAANNNNDDD the fact that it’s been way too humid to keep painting my white porch…

AAAAANNNDDD for the fact I’m waiting for our pressure washer to come home from the shop to work on a few projects!

Ok… onto the wall…

My inspiration THIS time was this photo from an old issue in Victoria Magazine.

rock wall 

Soooo… on with the reveal…

This is what it looked like in the very beginning when the walls were swimming in this vine-y wallpaper.

002 (2)

We finally took the wallpaper down except for this wall I wanted to faux paint.

I kept the paper on, textured the wall and painted stacked stone.

The inspiration came from my fireplace.

Next, we decided on a “Winter Wheat” paint color to go with the cabinets and faux stone... of course, nothing goes with green countertops!

So… this is what it looked like in the 1st after….


And this is the 2nd after…


The 1st stone wall was a bit too dark for the space.  This lighter color stone lightens up this part of the kitchen more.

So… you might be asking… will she change this wall UH-gain at some point??


You see… I’m waiting for the day I get my full kitchen reno … the day I get new countertops, appliances, and cabinets or some kind of makeover… that’s the day it will all change for good…

But right now… that’s just a dream…

And until then all I have is PAINT and MY IMAGINATION!

Here are some more pics… hope you enjoy!

Part of the process…



Another before…


 Another after…



I changed it one more time since this post… I know… Crazy!! But I think you’ll agree that this time is even better!!


Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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  1. This is my first visit...your faux stone walls, both of them, are wonderfully done! Re painting over your first sounds just like something I would do. It's worth the effort to get it right, right? Love your projects, now I'm off to snoop/read.

  2. Wow! That looks great! I want to touch it to see if it's real stone!?!

  3. Holy cow! I so thought the first after was real! your right though...a bit too dark... I can't believe you re-painted it...I think I may have just lived with it...but the end result is Amazing! Good Job!

  4. I have to say I like the second wall a little bit better. It is lighter and more homey! I can't believe you painted that!!! You are AMAZING!!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! This is AMAZING! Great job! Now I just have to find a good wall in my house for this idea! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Wow!! I truly thought it was natural stone! You are one seriously talented woman! Clearly you have God's creativity as a huge gift!!! Beautiful!!!

  7. How fantastic! I actually love both of them. But the lighter color seems warmer, of course. Great job!

  8. You painted that? Twice? Amazing!! You've got skills, girl!!

  9. Wow, that must have been so much work! Amazing. from the pictures you can't even tell it is painted. And then you did it a second time....
    You are a patient woman, you have to be to even want to tackle a project like this.
    Kuddos to you!!

  10. omg,, i cant believe you painted that wall,, before and after,, they both look terrific. Color me super impressed and very inspired.

  11. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I love all 3 walls. God was gracious with your talent:-) Wish you were in California, I'd hire you in a heartbeat!


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