Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crime Scene Investigation… “Oh deer!”


Well…  I woke up this morning and decided to take a stroll around the yard to find this…


and this


and this


My flowers chewed up and spit out!

Remnants laying in the yard!

Tracks in the grass!


Such a vicious crime scene…

(SIGH) I feel dizzy!

Well… I now know

how The Pioneer Woman feels about her cow Daisy!

You see… we have lots of deer around here and in fact our neighbor likes to feed them.




And we enjoy watching and taking pictures of them!


The crazy thing is… in the three years we have lived here… they have never wreaked havoc like this in my yard…

(Ok… so it was only 3 plants…  SO FAR!)

In fact… I have never known them to come around to the front of the house where my flowers are.

Now, I’m wondering about all my other apparently mouth watering flowers…  sitting there so tempting and delicious looking!


I was hoping to show some pictures when my flower beds mature…

But the question is now… will they let them?  Hmmmm.

Oh “deer”!



  1. Oh those beautiful, love to watch, graceful rascals! This has happened to me before too. It's like not being able to get mad at the grandkids for breaking something I really like because they are such peaceful creatures. My problem ended as abruptly as it began, so I didn't do anything, but I think you can purchase deer repellent for plants and save your garden. Good luck!

  2. Wow, you have lots of them! I know they wreck havoc, but they are so beautiful!! Especially the babies with spots still on them!!

  3. Looks like your flowers were someone's midnite snack! And they didn't have the decency to finish them, just spit out what they didn't want. Deer are wonderful to look at. I had them at our last house and they would nibble the leaves off my cheery tree!

  4. So sorry for the flowers. Hopefully the deer will leave them alone. Find you some sort of natural deer repellant and maybe they will leave your plants and go back to your neighbors.

  5. i think you took those pictures in MY yard !! here they DO come around to the front of the house...and have eaten many more than 3 of my flowers/plants !! it is frustrating !!!

  6. Hi Kendra! Huge thank you for your kind words. Thought I would catch up on the blog world with you being one of my fav's of course.

    Maybe since the deer spit them out they will not eat anymore?

    Try a natural spray- some garlic and hot pepper sauce in a blender, strain and put into a spray bottle. Alas with our rain you would have to reapply. Or like wonderful Amy said some store bought deer repellent.

    cheers, love n hugs! cindykay at hillschapelantiquestore.blogspot

  7. Well... they came back one more time to munch on some other flowers... Sooooo...

    Amy and Cindy Kay... I put some dog hair (we have a husky) around the flowers and sprayed them with a hot sauce water mixture the other day... so far so good!! Let's hope it will work foreverrrrr! :)

  8. The deer ate 10 of my 12 tomato plants this year! I love the deer, but not what they do to my yard!

  9. Fantastic! I was out just the other day photographing deer....but I did not see this many in one spot.


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