Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Table Treasure!


I know I’ve mentioned my friend who has now become a supplier/enabler of my junkin’ needs!

She’s the one who gave me the Trailer Gate(s).

She’s the one who gave me the nightstand that gave me a drawer to decorate with.



Table Treasure!

My friend saw this in someone’s roadside trash pile!

She called me immediately and asked… do you want?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

She even knocked on the door to ask the owners if she could take it… with a weird look in their eye… they said yes!

(If they only knew!)


I’m in LUV!


It has casters on three legs but the other leg has some wood rot and the wheel is gone.

The construction has weakened, the boards are slightly warped… so if I keep it as a table I will have to do some reinforcing.

But I still love!!


Not sure what it will become…

will it stay a table or will a new creation come from it?  

Hmmm… I don’t know yet but

I will let you know one way or another!

You can count on it!

What do ya think of it?

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  1. Definitely worth saving! I love those old farm tables.

  2. Kendra it is great! I know you will come up with something outstanding for this find! I can't wait to see it ... I strive to try and make thing look like this table..ha ha..

  3. Totally cute and rustic! Excellent score!

  4. Oh yes, worth saving for sure. Can't wait to see what becomes of it!

  5. LOVE THIS TABLE!!!!! What a very special friend!
    Happy WW!

  6. This is an awesome find! Wish I had a friend like that:)
    Becky C

  7. You have a wonderful friend and a great table! You could leave it as is and make it your gardening bench/table.

  8. Love the table, Kendra!!! Isn't it fun when your friends are out there looking for "neat finds" for you! I have some wonderful friends who do the same!!

  9. Isn't is amazing what other's throw out as junk? That table is quite the find. You would have paid good money for that at any store or flea market in the country, right? I found a lovely shabby old beadboard backed bookcase on the side of the road one day for the trash. I almost went off the road. I had my two teen boys with me and I asked them to go over and hold it up for me. As soon as I saw what a find it was, I couldn't get the back seats down in my jeep fast enough!! Needless to say, they both had to ride shot gun together (much to their dismay). I definitely would have gotten a ticket if I was pulled over. :o) (overcrowding of a vehicle) What we'll do for a treasure, right? I'll be looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the table.

  10. Woweeee, where do I find a friend like this??? ;-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  11. Perfect! What a great score! Amazing what people throw away, isn't it? I know you'll come up with something fabulous - can't wait!

  12. Hi Kendra! Love your name. :) Thanks so much for your kind comments and WOW I see you posted about me on your are just too kind!!! Thank you so much!

    Your blog and creations are FAB!! I had fun looking at your past posts. I used to do sketches in high school just like yours. But I never did anything after that...I'm a nurse. LOL Keep creating! You are doing a wonderful job! I'm your newest follower!

  13. i have total table're lucky i didnt see it first !! great score.....nice friend

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  15. Fabulous table! Some people just don't get it! I have had that look at me before too! LOL

    Feel free to stop by asouthernbellewithnorthernroots.blogspot and see info on an upcoming link party called Storytellers, starting Sept. 1.


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