Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apples and Berries + Doll Cradle = Table Centerpiece

For those who read my blog, you know I have been slowly working on my dining room.

Changing things up a bit… as I like to do.

Well, one thing I wanted to create was a colorful centerpiece for the table…

as I hinted in my color challenge post.

I found this old doll cradle at Goodwill for $3.00.


I’m not sure if it is antique or not… but…

I decided to paint it white and give it a distressed look with walnut stain.


I then watered the white paint down and brushed it over the stain… my version of white wash.


it was time to gather the ingredients.

I already had a candle… I just needed a few extras.

So off to Walmart and Hobby Lobby I went.


Bag of fake apples: $10

Box of small apples: $5

Both at Walmart

(They look so real!)


Berries/floral:  @ $.50 a piece (Hobby Lobby sale)

Fabric (which is actually a pillowcase) found at Goodwill… the closest I could get to ticking fabric.

I decided not to use the cinnamon sticks in the photo.

And the branches… well they were free of course… compliments of my backyard.


When the cradle was dry… with the help of my blow dryer…  I stuffed it with packing paper and put an egg carton in the center.


Basically, I needed a flat base to sit my candle on.

But the carton was too long so I cut the egg carton in half and centered it in the middle…

on top of another full carton.

I put my pillowcase over the the whole thing and tucked it in around the edges.


I just added all the other ingredients and voila…

my new centerpiece.


Now you may be wondering about the rocking? 

I took care of that… wouldn’t want a fire happening here!

I put a piece of cut brown felt under the legs… works like a charm.


It adds a nice splash of color in this room.

This centerpiece is so versatile, too…

you can leave the apples but use different liners and add other “ingredients” to make a new look…

especially for different seasons…

which is what I love!


I think it has a modern yet primitive feel to it.


I love my new white cradle centerpiece!

Now… it’s off to work on the kitchen table centerpiece!

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  1. Awesome - you are so creative! Love it - great job!

  2. Very nice, my friend. I love that you repurposed a cradle for a center piece. You're right about the versatility. Love it...Can't wait to see what you are working on next.

  3. ...Great Idea and wonderful job!...

  4. I was wondering where you were going with all those ingridients. Looks very nice!

  5. Hi Kendra, what a beautiful fall centerpiece! What I like about it , one, it's red, love, love, red, rich red! Two, you showed us step by step how to create such a lovely and unique centerpiece. And three, it is just that, unique! Very well done, and it looks great on your table, soooooooo fallish, and welcoming. Thanks for the sweet comments on my not so great post this time, I will take much better pics tomorrow and "edit" but thank you for the kind words. You are sweet, tami from the high street cottage

  6. What an Amazing Centerpiece ~ Love It!
    Walmart will certainly be having a run on the Apples, Thanks for Sharing.... Hope you get a chance to stop on by~
    Have a Wonderful week

  7. A very unique and pretty fall decoration!

  8. Kendra - So nice to meet you! I'm visiting from White Wednesday. This is a great project! I've browsed around your blog and just love it. Those wagon wheels for curtain rods...amazing. So much fun here.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  9. This is a creative and beautiful centerpiece! I knew I would love it when I saw the red berries~

  10. Pretty and not a lot of money. Great project!
    Hugs- Tete

  11. Your cradle looks so much better white, and is so pretty with all of the apples! You read my mind when it comes to the rocking :) Bet you will have fun filling it up at Christmas, too!

  12. Love that centerpiece. The red looks so vibrant against the white cradle.

  13. Kendra, love the cradle painted white! What a creative fall centerpiece!
    Happy WW (sorry a little late)!!
    ~ Jo :)

  14. So creative! This little old lady I used to know who was a doll collector would have LOVED it.

  15. Well, that is just the cutest darn thing! I especially love the use of a Goodwill pillowcase! You people with the neverending creative ideas -- my head's gonna 'splode from all the daily inspiration!

    Just started following you, but will be reading every post from now on. :)

  16. Darling idea. And perfect for the season, too.

  17. What a brilliant idea! I have an old hand made cradle similar to yours that I have been wondering what to do with. It is painted bright red which does not fit my decor so I'd been thinking about painting it off white. Then I saw your idea. Now I know what I will do with it. Thanks.!
    Pamela Gordon

  18. That is beautiful! It will look great at Christmas, too!

  19. What a wonderful and creative idea. It looks beautiful on your table !! *Becca*

  20. Love the look of this - Fabulous for fall! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  21. Great idea!! I love how you have the berries sticking out all caddywompus. Looks very fall.

  22. Love it Kendra! Very creative use. Love the randomness of how this is styled, very natural. It's my guess cradles all over thriftland will be disappearing soon. :)


  23. That turned out really nice! Who knew a doll cradle could be such a stunning centerpiece. Love it!


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