Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’m Making Christmas Ornaments in October…

Is it Christmas yet?


(Country Sampler Magazine)

Because I’m making ornaments! 

I promised myself that I would get a head start on Christmas this year.

And I think October is a good time to start!

However… before I begin…

let me just get this out there

I have NEVER sewn before!

Nope… not even a button.

So what you are about to see is major beginner’s stuff…

In fact… I had to seek help from youtube and my facebook

page (thanks Wendy) on how to tie knots in the thread! 

Creative Ambitions

I’m not saying I’m doing it right but

it is holding together!


Ok… so here is the FIRST practice ornament made with muslin…


Don’t laugh!

I realize it’s horrible! LOL!

So I changed up the fabric and technique (if that’s what you want to call it) and made this white ornament out of felt…


Ahhh! Much better…

So then I made these white ornaments…


Except for the snowflakes which were from a felt

snowflake garland I found at Hobby Lobby on sale.


Which I will probably cut into individual flakes.

But I’m not through…


I decided to get crazy and throw in some color…


I plan to make bunches of these white and maroon ornaments for my tree… 

I think they kinda have a folk/primitive feel to them.

I’m just so glad I’m getting an early start this year… hope to keep the momentum going…

I have been known to wait until a few days before Christmas to decorate!

Bad Kendra… Bad!

Now… I’d like to know…

How early do you start getting ready and decorating for



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  1. Kendra! I have such admiration for your willingness to start something new, that's awesome! I'm about as good with sewing as you are and have dabbled with such projects too! You should be proud of yourself for sure. I decorate for Christmas EARLY, like the weekend after Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy it for a month and then IMMEDIATELY after Christmas I rip everything down. No waiting til the New Year for me. Anyway, keep up the work, love it.

    ps: I still haven't come up with the creative writing award topics, I'm horrible.

  2. I too have gotten the bug to make a few ornaments!
    These are beautiful in their pure simplicity..
    Love them:)

  3. even your 1st one isn't that bad but i will admit from there on out excellent job!! i start day after thangsgiving actually i have started before t-giving last few yrs since we go to sis-in-laws to eat..... i plan on really decorating on the low key side this year i just have way to much stuff!!

  4. Kendra, good for you getting an early start! I always say that I am but I never get going until after Thanksgiving. I am glad to know there is someone else in the world who has never sewn a button. I thought I was all alone! Your ornaments are so sweet!

  5. I started this week, too! Good job. I think your tree will be really pretty.

  6. Great job Kendra! I love the felt. I am so very far away from thinking about xmas!

  7. Kendra - I love them! Very primitive and homey!!!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  8. You Go Girl!! I love your ornaments. Really, I do! Great job!

    The only thought I have given to Christmas decor is that I just went through a whole bunch of mine to get rid of in a yardsale. Still simplifying.

    You keep on keeping on with your sewing!

  9. Love the ornaments, Kendra - I SO love handwork in sewing! Keep up the creative work, girl...looks like you've got a great start.

  10. Keep sewing, Kendra. I rarely sew on anything but paper and each time have to do a few practice pieces! lol These are cute and will look great on your tree.

  11. Love your ornaments! Way to be on the ball! I have a vision of what my tree will look like...but that's it. I usually start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. :)

  12. I think you did great-they're wonderful-but I'm not ready to think about Christmas yet!

  13. Thanks everyone! I figure... you gotta try something new once in awhile! And I knew... if I was going to be sewing for my tree... I needed to start straight away...LOL!

    But I do plan to get a head start on my Christmas decorating early this year (before Thanksgiving hopefully!)... instead of a FEW DAYS before Christmas!

  14. ...wow Kendra...you really ramped up your game...delightful sweet....pretty
    great ideas...love them! I am planning on being decorated by nove 24th !
    here in Canada!

  15. OMG, those are to die for. I love the true Old Fashion Styling of them. I remember a lot of the Primitive and Country Home stuff in the late 80's (like the Cottage Sampler mag), and shyed away from it. But your's are nice, simple, and beautiful. And don't worry, right now, ALL of my sewing looks like the first ornament, lol!

  16. I think you have a wonderful start to sewing and to your holiday decor. Great job!


  17. Oh I LIKE your ornaments! You're a much better beginner than I am - such neat even stitches! I'm thinking Christmas too, but am not getting anywhere very fast. I like your very first one too. More my style, I'd just throw it in the oven and make it prim : )

  18. Hi Kendra!
    My name is Zaza and I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I loved to discover your blog because, finally, I found someone that starts to think about x-mas in...October! For me, answering your question, it's not Christmas, yet; but it's already Christmas!!! I really liked your ornaments (specially the hearts ones) and I'll also try to do. I 've never sewed before too but your post was a kind of inspiration! I'm following you, so I'll be always around viting you. Have a great weekend! kisses, zazá

  19. These are great!!!!!!!
    I am also so glad to meet someone else who loves Christmas as much as I do. (I've had a few Christmas posts lately, too, and I've been restraining myself!)
    Loving your pretty blog


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