Monday, April 1, 2013

Sharing My Art… embracing all my creative ambitions


About a month or so ago I got into a creative zone

(image: Graphics Fairy)

yes… I am still being creatively ambitious!

Let’s see… decorating my spring mantel, painting, sewing, and crafting…

(Graphics Fairy)


I’m TOTALLY (((embracing))) the name of my blog these days…


And thanks to some e-courses from Jeanne Oliver,

I am inspired and motivated to keep creating and following my dreams!


I want to share with you some more of my mixed media art I have been creating…

***can we say nervous butterflies right now??***

This is a series of GIRL paintings I just finished.

Faith, Grace, and Hope

Kjoyner Art Mixed Media Girl Paintings

These are 16x20 canvases… acrylic paint and texture… with paper, wood and fabric embellishments.

They all have writings on them… some taken from scripture.

Under each window is an old hymn based on their names.

And here is another painting I am working on…

Inspire Butterfly Mixed Media Painting

This is ‘Inspire’

A 6x6 canvas, acrylic paint with wood embellishment.

Butterfly Mixed Media Art


I am so enjoying painting right now… and using different media to create these pieces!

Thank you for letting me share them with you!

I know my blog has been more about my adventures in DIY creations…

but I really want Creative Ambitions to be about all my creative ambitions… to inspire not just a certain group of friends but many!

I am also thinking about selling my paintings/art again…

I already have an empty blog for them and an empty etsy site from long ago

but for right now… I am trying to explore all my gifts!

Finding the ones that fit and the ones that don’t.

and while I wait for the right time for me to start selling my creations…

I ask, seek and knock…

and then

***practice, practice, practice!!***


Thank you for visiting Creative Ambitions! I love reading your comments... so please comment away!!