Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thinking about Stone Veneer…


Hey all!

Yes… thinking about doing some much needed updates in the home.

And yes… thinking about using stone veneer to do some of it.

Went to Lowes the other day to look at product and prices… just not sure which product I want to go with??

They had M-Rock and AirStone in a box and then special order stones.

As some of you have seen…

I have real stacked stone around my fireplace.

Natural Rustic Winter Mantel LR

It’s the ONLY place in the house that has it and I would like to continue to carry it through out the home.

I have a few places in mind… like the bathroom.

Our bathroom never received the proper makeover since the day we moved in… well… of course for cleaning!!

Stone Veneer project

(real bathroom)

I started to prep for paint 6 years ago but it was one of those projects that I didn’t get back to.

so… 6 years later… here I am…finally thinking about a bathroom makeover again.


(ideal bathroom)

This is an inspiration photo I found some where in Pinterest land.

My bathroom has a similar kind of layout only smaller.  I love the stone walls around the bathtub.  Of course, I love everything about this bathroom but the budget can only handle so much.

Another place I would love to have stone would be our kitchen bay window.

Faux Stone Wall Progress

I faux painted it about three times (click here to see) a few years ago but would love to see the veneer stone there instead.

Faux Stone Wall

And… if I am ever blessed to do a full kitchen makeover…


I would love to add stone around the stove like they did here…

Well… Ok… I would love to have my whole kitchen like this!

ANOTHER place for some stone accent would be on here…

Possible Stone Veneer Project

this island separates our dining room from the open living room.

I think stone on this would really tie in with the stone on the fireplace.

AND FINALLYthe front porch

Front House

(my front porch)

We currently have vinyl siding… let’s just say… not a fan.


(photo above: clearwater construction group)


Would love to be able to find some exterior stone veneer to match or tie in with our existing brick color.

Many of the newer homes in my neighborhood already have the exterior stone facade so it would definitely be an upgrade.

SIGH… not sure if I can do it all this year… THAT WOULD BE A LOT OF STONE… maybe a room/wall or two a year?  Among the “needs”  that have to be addressed first… (like some drainage and roofing issues…hmmm)…

I hope to be able to get started updating and making changes!

Has anyone used stone veneer for their home?

Would love some feedback on brands/cost and ease of installation.


  1. Hi Kendra

    We love your blog and stone inspiration! You have beautiful ideas that we would love to be a part of! Eldorado Stone has created a large Imagine Gallery for more stone inspiration and also check out our wide product selection . If there is anything we can assist you with, please feel free to contact us at 800.925.1491!

    1. You have beautiful stone Eldorado... wondering how DIY friendly the installation would be? If I do use stone veneer in my home... I will be blogging about it of course.

  2. I hope you get to do your house with more stone. Your fireplace is really pretty.
    My husband wants to do a fake fireplace in his man cave using stone veneer....I am anxious to see how it turns out. :)

    1. Thanks BJ... I'm sure the man cave fireplace will turn out great!!! I love stone in any room! The fireplace is the only stone in our house and it was one of the reasons we bought our home! I love it!! I have always wanted to add more stone throughout... just never had the budget for it. So many different products out there now... hard to chose which one to go with. Hope to get started soon though!

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