Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Painted Faux Stacked Stone Wall

Well, here is another project I did back in January. I wanted to paint something and my husband sweetly complied!! Sometimes I like to paint things just to see if I can do I tried my hand at some faux painting.
002 (2)
This is my faux stone wall!

And's in my kitchen! :)
I also stripped the wallpaper as you can see from the first pic.
(Yea...THAT WAS FUN! But SO, SO glad to have it gone!!)

I liked how it turned out and I've enjoyed it for the last 3 months.
But NOW I'm thinking about painting ANOTHER type of stone wall over this one...more of a Tuscany style stone/Old World type look...
But**** I haven't totally convinced myself of repainting it just yet!
If I repaint...this will be my inspiration...

I'll let you know if I do! :)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I ran across your blog today because I saw a comment on another site. Took a look and saw this wall. WOW. How long did this take you? You are very talented!

  2. Yes - I have to agree with Jenn - WOW. I would love to hear the details on how you did it & how long it took. How many times did you have to come back to allow drying time in between? What specific colors did you use. Details, please!

    1. Hi Cheryl... I actually repainted this wall 3 times!! This one was the very first stone stacked wall. It ended up being too dark for the space so I had to lighten it up!

      # 2 is here...
      # 3 is here...

      There is wall paper behind the stone... that I actually spread stucco texture over to give it some grit and shape. I used both latex paint and acrylic paints... they were mostly cream, brown and gray tones... with a little terra cotta orange color here and there. It dried pretty fast and the stucco really absorbs the paint well. It took me around two to three days from what I remember... but that's because I would start and then take breaks and come back to it the next day. I wasn't in a hurry to get it finished. My suggestion for the first time doing this is to paint a pattern and go from there. Find an inspiration photo to work from. Also, you'll want to use dark and light tones (ex:white and black, gray mixed with your colors) for shading... so that the stone will have dimension. Hope that answers your questions! Thanks for stopping by!


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