Monday, June 14, 2010

Broke Clock = New White Table For White Room!

Well, creativity hit me late Friday night. It was about 7:45ish and I saw this broke clock for the umpteenth time sitting in a closet … doing nothing… just sitting there… the nerve!

But this time was different. When I saw it THIS time, I knew it’s purpose!


So, I began to destruct it (that sounds like the opposite of construct, right?)

Well… I just googled it…

destruct: to destroy one’s missile or rocket after launch



Ok… so I took it apart.

Then, I found this sheet of wood I purchased from Lowes awhile back… I can say… it’s no longer sitting around doing nothing either!

I traced the clock face on the wood and got the handy jigsaw to cut my circle out.


Next, the painting began. I used some outdoor acrylic paint and the porch paint I bought for my white porch.

Now, the base… what to sit my new table top on?



So… I got out my scrap wood and began to construct… Ok… actually play… I had to come up with a pattern first.

When I figured out my pattern, I turned to my craft room for embellishments and found exactly what I needed.

Time: around 11:00 p.m.

Hi Ho Hi Ho… back to painting I go…




After I got most everything painted with at least one coat, it was 12:00 a.m. and I was tired!

Hi Ho Hi Ho… it’s off to bed I go…

(I don’t know why I’m singing that during my post???)

Saturday morning = Base Construction!

I got my handy drill and went to drillin’! Woohoo!

I love all my tools!

I had my base that I needed to drill up into the post but not be wobbly because of the screw head. So I used the attachment that gave me a recessed hole where the heads would be hidden up in the base…


021 020

But I was quite shy with this attachment at first and didn’t drill deep enough. So, I kept working with it until I got the right depth.

Then the trusty ole gorilla glue came out and I glued the base on the post.

023 022

After some drying time took place, I drilled three screws up into the post from the bottom of the base.

024 026

Next, I attached some scrap pieces of wood to each side of the post to give it a more bulky unique look. Then, I hot glued my little floral embellishments on.

002 003

And finally glued the tabletop down!





With a glass of sweet tea and a little encouragement from Joyce Meyer (I need all I can get)…

my new table will fit right in with my new white porch…

whenever I get that finished! :)


Thanks for Stoppin’ By!


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  1. Oh Kendra! That little table is over-the-top creative AND cute!

  2. Well now, if that isn't just the cutest thing! Great imagination!

  3. Oh my word! That is just the most darling table!!!! So love it! Well done :)

  4. love love love it.. especially adding the other wood pieces to make it chunkier.. soo cute and very creative.

  5. Very creative. Love it! Your ideas amaze me! :-)

  6. ah !!all along i thought you were going to use the 'face' as the table top !! duh !!..your's turned out cute, but i would have liked the clock as the table

  7. Nice idea, thanks for sharing and have a great White Wednesday.

  8. What a cool person you are. I love your imagination and your special project. Perfect!

    come visit

  9. That is fabulous! What a great use of that. I love the face too. I would hang that up somewhere just like it is!

  10. You just never know when creativity will rear it's ugly head!! LOL!! You did an amazing job~ no joke, it really looks wonderful!
    Great blog!

  11. Thanks everyone for all the White Wednesday Love!! And thanks for all the sweet comments on the table! Can't wait to get my room done!

  12. Hi Kendra,

    What a satisfying project! So nice to put something you already have to such good use! Excellent!


  13. Now! That's just perfect!!
    Love the shape - was wondering if you'd leave the face in it?! I saw a dining table made out of a very, very large clock face - looked cool! Your table, with embellishments is stunning!
    You deserve a good rest!

  14. thanks for putting that song in my head now :)

  15. Oh my goodness, I love that table! Such imagination and creativity went into the making of it. I never ever would have seen a table when I looked at that broken clock!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  16. Love that little table so much...
    I love the clock face very much, too. I would like that in my house...Lol

  17. That is darling! what a wonderful job you did.

  18. There you go again. Makin' something super cool. The edge the clock face gave you is amazing! A very pretty end result! Your room is going to look amazing.


  19. What a cute little "clock" table!!! It is absolutely adorable! I'm a new blogger, and I'm just lovin' all the inspiration from such neat and interesting ladies!!

  20. What gifts you've got, girl from Tennessee. God has given you major talent. I'm thinking if we live close to each other here in this beautiful volunteer state, then we need to see about you rubbing some of that talent off on me. Or maybe helping me build some of these great things you make.

  21. Hey Amy, we do know how to do some neat stuff "down here" in good ol' Tennessee. Don't we, Kendra!!! :)
    Ya'll take care now, ya hear!

  22. Lisa... you know it girl!! :) Hey... I put you in my sidebar... hope you get some traffic!!


  23. Kendra,
    Thanks so much for adding me to your sidebar! I am very flattered! May I do the same? Have a great day!!

  24. You rock the freakin' universe with that I'm singing now...thanks!!


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