Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Old Christmas Tree Becomes My New Lantern Stand


Talk about recycling…

Last week, I went on a hike in the woods behind my home…

to find my old Christmas tree(s).


There were two… one from last year and the year before.


So I grabbed one and cut the remaining branches off… (which makes good kindling)


kept a few short branches on the tree.


Next, I sprayed it down (wanted to get all the critters off) and put it in an extra tree stand I have…

not ideal…

but sometimes it’s about using what you’ve got… right?


I used some scrap fabric to cover the base.


Burlap would be cute… but I didn’t have any…


using what I’ve got!

I tied it with thick hemp string.


Next, (for this shot) I tucked the green fabric in and hung my collection of old lanterns on the tree.


I added an old wood frame for interest.


I told you I would be decorating early for Christmas this year.


So I grabbed some garland and wrapped it around the tree.

I think it looks good like this…

even looks like some of the trees I’ve seen in the stores!

But for right now…

it was made for the lanterns so…


Back on they went!

Oh Yeah…

 I forgot…

now where are those Christmas lights?


I found ‘em!

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  1. Really cute idea! Love the lanterns hanging on an old x-mas tree. It looks very earthy!

  2. Lot's of possibilities with this little idea of yours way cute!

  3. Love this idea! The lanterns look great!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  4. That is adorable! It looks like you got it from some fancy shmancy boutique.

  5. First I wish I had woods behind my house! Second, boy am I glad I became a follower :) This is awesome!!! I am a big believer in the "use what ya got" idea too.

  6. Smart! Not only are you doing the ultimate recycling, but it looks fantastic!! Great Job!!

  7. At first I was trying to figure out what you doing but I love it!!!! That is really neat!!!

  8. Thats a super cute idea, and all of the options were great! I do however love the one you stuck with in the end!! very winter!! :)

  9. Kendra, you are one of my fave internet people! LOVE your lantern tree and I also LOVE the fact that after Christmas, you can still use it. Plus, portable from room to room, I mean come on, genius!

  10. What a great way to recycle! I love it!!!

  11. Simply beautiful! I love the rustic charm and now I want my old Christmas tree...

  12. Thanks Everyone!

    Whitey... your right... lots of possibilities with this one!

  13. Adorable! And you just KNOW you have to post this on SNS's sticks/twigs/branches linkup this weekend, yes?!?!?! HINT. xo :)


  14. I love this idea! Those lanterns are great and that wooden frame popped out at me. That to me gave it just the right umph!!! Great job!

  15. This is just so creative and better than anything in the your laterns on it! Nice!! Lezlee

  16. (oh my. how did I miss this? must have been cleaning out my closet.)

    I love this so much I feel like sending the picture to Smith and Hawken or PB or Ballards so they could start making these and selling them. Or maybe YOU could!!!!!

    You've got the tree/branch thang down!!!!!

    I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH!!!! and may borrow the idea. just a heads up.


  17. Girl, you are amazingly creative! Wow! I love your lantern's so charming! AdOrAbLe!! Thanks for stopping by Sugar Pie Farmhouse and leaving such a sweet comment! You're a darlin'! Bless you sugar! Keep them ideas bubblin'!
    Aunt Ruthie
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse

  18. This is ABSOLUTELY Adorable! Thanks for stopping by Rustic Whimsy! I love your blog!!!! Keep the great ideas coming!

  19. Cute idea. I love all your lanterns.

  20. I am in awe! so unique and creative. I love it!

  21. Oh man!!! This is AWESOME!
    I have old lanterns on top of my entertainment center...I know what we are doing this weekend.
    Honey...get out your saw :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Excellent idea! This would work great in our authentic-vintage cabin familyroom

  23. Oh my gosh! I love those lanterns and wouldn't you know now that I can't have a real tree anymore...someone would come up with this awesomely cool idea! Love it to pieces!

  24. I am so HAPPY to see I was not the only one with this crazy idea. I did this a couple weeks ago, when I cleaned up my garage a bit, and JUST took my Christmas tree out of MY HOME,,, lol. It was bad, BUT, I cut that bad boy up, and right now, he holds on to some shovels, my umbrella, and other misc garage stuff.

    Your tree is so cute, with all those lanterns.

    I seriously love you, (your blog) and you for being so very cool, my kind of art, projects, and creations.

    I'm so happy I found you!!!!


    Bella :)


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