Monday, January 3, 2011



Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow… 2011!

Can you believe it?

Well, my family had a wonderful Christmas this year and

do you know why?

Because it snowed!


Christmas morning… around 4 or 5 inches!


It rarely snows here anymore.


It was gorgeous!


We had the biggest snowball fight… really… 5 adults, 2 kids.


It lasted 2 hours!

Needless to say… we tore up the yard.


But it was worth it! 


So onto Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

The changes are not for my blog but for my heart.

My sweet husband got me some décor magazines

for Christmas this year.


But I have to say…

the best read for me was that red book you see in the picture.

It’s called Crazy Love.

It was so powerful for me.

It made me reevaluate my life and my walk with God.

It has inspired me to make changes…

in my life and in my thinking.

The first change I’m making is volunteering.

I hope/plan to start volunteering at


Has anyone ever volunteered for them?

I figured it was a great place for me to start.

Building things is right up my alley!


As for my blog… 

the next project in my home will be the master bath.

I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head for it.

When will I be tackling that?

Not sure…

after reading Crazy Love…

redoing the bathroom is just not a priority right now.

So I hope you will be patient with me…

as I rearrange my goals in life

and grow stronger in my relationship with God.

I’m excited about my new outlook

and hope to share my journey with you along the way.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Thanks For Stoppin’ By!



  1. I'm looking forward to reading about both your journeys.

  2. Happy New Year Kendra!!

    Wow, the snow photos were AMAZING! So beautiful...and it looked like you had a blast too! Sounds like an awesome book you got hold of (or that got hold of you!)...yeah God! You cannot go wrong seeking Him more, following Him more closely, taking Him at His Word...I know you will be beyond blessed in your walk!

    I love all the inspiration I see are a special soul, gifted to glorify Him in so many ways! May this new year of promise and hope spill over with one blessing after another!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  3. You got more snow than us and I live in Nebraska. :) I got to check out that new book of yours! Looks FAB!

  4. Sounds like you're on an awesome mission - cool! Will look forward to all your "reconstruction" stories : )

  5. Your winter wonderland looks wonderful! I think you'll do great in whatever path you take. I'd love to hear more on your journey with HH.

  6. Hi Kendra, Is that your house above? It is beautiful. Love all the snow pictures.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We used to have a black and white huskey named Riley.He was something else (arent' they all?) Is yours stubborn like ours?
    God Bless I will now go sign up to follow your great blog

  7. Forgot to mention my husband did volunteer to help Habitat for Humanity last year. They were helping folks in an area that was flooded pretty badly.He really enjoyed that and I believe he will help again if the right opportunity comes along.
    They are so grateful for any help and I just know will welcome your help in any way.

  8. Thanks Julie!!

    Yes...Our Neeko can be stubborn but he has such a great personality. He loves to play and be cuddled. Ok... he is just plained spoiled!! :) And we love when he "talks".

    I saw another husky (black and white) in your photos... maybe Riley?

    That's awesome that your hubby volunteered for Habitat... It's good to hear that it was a positive experience for him! I go to an orientation class on Friday... so looking forward to it!

    Thanks for stopping by! The house in the photo is actually across the street... it makes for a good snowy pic. :)


  9. Interesting...

    I am feeling the same call from God. I also have the book Crazy Love but haven't finished it yet. I confess to starting too many books and being so easily distracted!

    My New Year's resolution was to give God my year. He's already been at work and it's exciting to see, especially after a desert journey.

    I hope your journey is fulfilling and would love to hear more. :)

  10. Sounds like you will be in for a new year with new goals! Excited to see how those turn out!

  11. Hi Kendra!
    It's always time for changes in life!
    I'll be here, waiting for your posts about your new adventures!!!
    Starting with this family snow-battle, pure expression of Love, that filled us with Joy!!
    Kisses, Zazá

  12. Kendra,I love your blog and had to comment on Crazy Love. My Friday am ladies Bible Study has been reading this book. I really love it and it has inspired me. I know you'll enjoy it. We have an Eco store here in Lincoln, NE which is a Restore kind of place. That would really be fun to teach a class in Design on a Dime. Right up by alley! God bless!

  13. I'm a new follower and I found you through the Copy Me Contest. I'm going to make an entry too!
    I love your homemade mittens on your tree and fireplace. I'm going to make some links to your blog from mine. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas with us newbys!
    Take Care,
    Mel's Cabin


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