Thursday, April 7, 2011

Working In The Woods… Landscaping



spring is here and the weather is beautiful this week.


Sooo… what am I doing?

Working in the woods.

I have a wooded hill behind the house.


I always imagine a little park like scenery back there

but never have attempted to do anything with it.

So… why not get started?

The goal until the mosquitos start swarming is:


Rock paths and establishing flower beds (well… leaf beds for now).


We have lots of natural rock up there to stack for paths…


I may incorporate some cut tree logs, too.

The plan:  use the land to create.

It may take me a year or so to get everything established but I’m on my way!

Sooo… if you don’t hear from me in a week or so…

know that I’m out working in the yard or woods…

weather and mosquitos permitting of course!

Is it spring in your area yet? 

Got any yard/landscaping projects this year?


  1. I love what you are doing. We have a very similar wooded area behind us that I would love to turn into something like a little park area. Every spring, we have to remove so many downed trees and limbs that fell over the winter. So time consuming. I need to challenge myself to do what you are doing. I don't have the rocks that you have but I could prob come up with something. Have fun..

  2. Yes, Spring has sprung here, and though the weather is lovely, the pollen has taken over. There is too much of it here to enjoy outdoors.

    Love you wooded area, I envision a hammock and sitting area there too.

    Have fun enjoying and playing in it this weekend.

  3. How wonderful to have a little *park* in your back yard. Good good luck on it..I know it will be beautiful.
    xo bj

  4. Such a wonderful wooded spot!! I LOVE the rock paths and your idea for wood, too! You are ingenious. And it's all free!!!! Creating with what God gives us!!!

    And since I know you a little will be over-the-top gorgeous added with a dash of art nouveau!


  5. I say plant some azaleas. They'll grow big, are simple to maintain (just let 'em be) and look great in a part setting. They'll give you wonderful color on your hill in the spring and some foliage in the winter months. Just set them away from the paths since they'll end up pretty large.

  6. Ou house is surrounded by woods and creeks. We really need to get in there and clean up too!

    I pulled weeds from flowerbeds and cleaned up our porch yesterday - It's shaping up around here.

    Love your rock lined path!

  7. It's gonna be beautiful! I love creating beauty outdoors... nice, quite spots to sit and reflect and rejoice in the beauty of nature. Can't wait to see your progress along the way. You are so talented and creative, I just know I'll have to buy a ticket to come sit in your thicket!

  8. Hi Kendra!
    You couldn't have choosen a better project for this year!!! A dream-scape-outdoor project in (or into) the woods!!! I am pretty sure that it is gonna be perfect!
    Now is autumn here in Brazil and I love it! The weather is cooler and nicer, no storms and no rain every day as summer... and I really like that brown-orange-yellow color in the dryed leaves that fall from the trees... at this time of the year I feel that the Nature is resting, changing herself, and also dying...preparing herself for the SPRING explosion of LIFE!
    I hope you stay well and please keep on touch, ok?
    Kisses, Zazá

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