Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Sweet Dog Sandy


Letting go of a fur baby is hard.

I had to let go of my cat… Smokey… last September and didn’t expect all the emotions that flooded me when I had to say goodbye.

Farm Table Bench

Today… I want to pay tribute to my sweet girl… Sandy.

Her stomach suddenly flipped or twisted last Friday evening… ugh.

Just like in the movie ‘Marley and Me’.

I had an option to do surgery but she was too old and I knew the recovery would just be too much on her.  She had a couple of other health issues as well… so I knew it would just be too hard on her.

Sandy (A)

I found her as a stray in our downtown area at the library I once worked at about 14 years ago.  I was single and she was the perfect fit for me.  the Lord knew I needed her and she has been with me ever since.

She brought me MUCH joy all these years!


We just have Neeko… you may have seen him in a photo or two on here.

Let’s see… Sandy was my shadow, Neeko was her shadow and Smokey was everyone’s shadow…lol.

Neeko, Sandy, Smokey

He is very much a pack dog… very family, people oriented and I know he is missing his sister.   He actually went and laid next to where we put her the other day… so sweet and sad at the same time.

Neeko Collage

I bought him a new “baby” this week!  He seems to really like it and is taking good care of it.  I may go buy him some more babies.  He’s gotta good collection but a new baby is always fun for him.


I sure do love my fur babies…

I tell ya… the hardest part is that

I find myself missing our daily routine together…

after all…

our fur babies depend on us for everything. 

Taking care of her was such a blessing for me…especially since I don’t have any children. 

Sandy Girl


I surely do miss my sweet, sweet Sandy.

She was a wonderful companion!



  1. What a beautiful dog. I'm sorry you had to wave her off - but you know she'll be waiting for you x I'd love to snuggle that delicious looking Neeko

    1. Thank you Elizabeth... and yes... Neeko is getting lots and lots of love right now for sure! :)

  2. SO sorry for your loss. We have had several dogs over the years and they ease into our hearts as well as our homes. They become family.

    1. Thanks Mindy... It is like losing part of the family... we are in the process of making new routines now... trying to adjust with just having our Neeko. But... I know that it is all part of owning and loving pets.


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