Monday, July 1, 2013

A Southern Porch in the Making… part three


In the last post, I showed off my pretty faux tiles I painted on our porch … here.

Next up… the columns

The paint was peeling… here… and I knew it would be an easy fix!


Some new paint and new caulking… and wah lah… new columns!!


  new porch furniture

My sis-in-law bought some resin wicker rockers last year and I loved how they looked on her southern porch!

Wicker Rockers

They are so comfy and homey!!!

Southern Front Porch

So this year, I finally bit the bullet and bought some…

Wanna guess where?

I’ll tell ya… Big Lots… Yes… Big Lots… and they were on sale to boot! Yippee!!!

At first, I just bought the rockers and then decided I needed something on the other side… it was feeling neglected… of course…


Southern Front Porch (b)

I went back and bought the matching chairs and some tables!

It was a hard decision for me because I wasn’t sure if we would rather have a matching swing or matching love seat sofa… but in the end I went with chairs and we are really enjoying them!

Southern Front Porch (a)

They just seem to “pop” on the porch and look and feel so homey!!

I also bought two black urns from Home Depot to compliment the color of the chairs and shudders.

((can’t wait for all my flowers beds with red, pink and white begonias leading to the porch to really take off and grow))

We also decided to give the wood trim around the door a fresh coat of paint… it was a little worn, too.

 Southern Porch

My Bona-Fide Southern Porch has come to life and we are sooooo enjoying it… we sit out there all the time now and love talking to friends and family while we sip on our sweet tea and coffee.

This big porch was meant for such a time as this… and I am very thankful for it… even if it took us 6 years to do it… lol!

I will be adding some homey touches here and there as the summer continues.

And there are still a few big things we would like to make happen…

I’m still dreaming about things like stone veneer for the siding and ceiling fans to keep those bugs away.

I don’t know if we will ever get around to even doing those things…

So for now

I’m lovin’ our “new” Southern Front Porch (very thankful for it) and enjoying the memories we are making with friends and family!

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  1. Olá amiga,fiquei encantada com seu trabalho,valeu o esforço,pois ficou magnífico!!!Maravilhoso!Parabéns!

    Um doce abraço , Marie.

  2. Love the black shutters with the white house...and those urns filled with flowers are yummy! Great new seating out there - looks so very welcoming!!! Great job on all of it!!!

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    follow me and let me know with a comment
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