Friday, March 17, 2017

Checking In For Spring 2017…

Hey Guys!!
Spring is upon us and I thought I would check in with you and chat a little!
It’s been awhile… sorry!
KJoyner Art Creative Ambitions Bee
I have been busy as a “BEE” working on paintings for my booth at Vinterest Antiques.
KJoyner Art Booth Creative Ambitions
I have been there two years and I am still LOVING this venue!!

I added aprons to my mix and I am very pleased with how they fit in with my paintings!
If you are ever in Chattanooga, TN… then I recommend visiting Vinterest!  You won’t be disappointed!  They have been voted Best of the Best Antique/Artisan store in Chattanooga two years in a row now!!
here is what’s new with me…
I opened a Society6 Shop for a little supplemental income from my art.  You can order art prints and other products from them with my art on it.
Ummm… let’s see… what else…
I opened an Instagram acct. for my art and have been decently active over there!
Soooo… if you are on instagram… I invite you to follow along!
I am also more active on my Kendra Joyner Art Facebook page than my Creative Ambitions Facebook Page.
I’m not quite sure how I’m going to move forward in the future with Creative Ambitions vs Kendra Joyner Art.  I may seek help trying to find a way to either combine them or start all over and go with just one…. I just don’t know!
  Creative Ambitions is kind of like my baby but it was intended for my DIY adventures and not really my art.  The name could encompass both pursuits but it does add a little confusion to the mix… so lots to think about and work out.
**** Suggestions Welcomed! ****
My latest project (besides art)
cheese box
was painting/staining old Cheese Boxes.
Unfortunately, I did not take good after photos.
So here are a couple of blurry ones from my booth.
kjoyner booth final (2)
They took on a primitive look and I love how they turned out!
I hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for Spring!! 
Got any projects happening in your neck of the woods?
Until next time…
KJoyner Art Bee Painting Creative Ambitions
Don’t kill all the weeds… save the bees!! Smile


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