Friday, October 15, 2010

My Version of a Photo Ladder

Back in the spring… my gracious neighbor gave me these
nice tree branches.
Well… they sat on the back porch for awhile as I contemplated what to use them for.
So back in the summer… when it was like 100 degrees I finally decided to build this.

Basically, my hubs cut the pieces I needed and I nailed it together.
No climbing on this ladder!
After I got it assembled… I didn’t know what to do with it.  I really didn’t have a place or a plan for it yet.
So it sat out on the back porch with me staring at it for months.
And then finally it came to me… a photo ladder and a possible place in the dining room.
So I went out and bought some ingredients I needed…
and then got to cookin’.
All I did next was (after measuring) predrilled a small hole in the branches and photo frames and then screwed in screw eyes.
I had originally planned to use S hooks to link the frame to the steps but because my steps had different heights… it didn’t work out.
So I used hemp string I bought at Walmart a few weeks back.  I actually like it better than the S hooks.
Next,  I painted my photo frames white and then picked out some black and white photos of our wedding and put them in.
I had some berries left over from my White Cradle Centerpiece (Click here)

and just stuck them on.

But wait… I’m not through.
I want your opinion!
My hubby and I cut some pieces of wood from some branches outside.  I had planned to glue them on the photo frame to make it look more rustic.  I used a white wash over them.

Here are some just taped on…

Not sure which way to go??
what do you think?
the stumps of wood?
Thanks For Stoppin’ By!
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  1. Love this project! I have a "real" ladder in my living/dining room that I'm tempted to add picture frames to like yours. Very cute! Either way looks good. The wood pieces do add a little pizaz to unify the piece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd take it either way :) Great job! Wish I had an ounce of creativity in me :)


  3. Oh, I love, love, love this! I have some ladders I think I'll give this a try with. I actually prefer without, but I DO like those slices. They would make cute magnets, or even wine glass charms.

  4. Oh my this is awesome!!!! I gotta make one!!! LOL......I actually prefer it without the wood slices...but I'm sure you can find something cute to do with them!! I love the berries you added!

  5. I like it better without the wood pieces too. I much prefer the cleaner more rustic look. The wood pieces would be nice on frames just sitting around on a table to draw intrest to them, but you already have interest with the berries that it's almost like it's too busy with the wood pieces. Give the eye someone to rest on like those great wedding pictures!

  6. That is fantastic. I like it without the stumps of wood but I like super simple ... I do, however, think it's great either way. Thanks for sharing ... I'm visiting from Saturday Nite Special.

  7. Kendra, you're so awesome. Makes me want to pull out my wedding dress (yeah like I'd fit into that!) and have some "real" wedding photos done just to make a project like this.

    Can you leave the stumps taped on ins tead of glued? I really like them on but if you're anything like me, I'd change my mind in a few months (or weeks) about the theme and maybe want to put on some flowers in spring, sand dollars in summer. I guess you can always just replace the frame, huh? :)

  8. GORGEOUS!! Like, amazingly gorgeous!!! And I ain't lyin'!!!

    I love the simplicity without the chips, but then the chips add another dimension of creativity that moves your eye all around the photo and the ladder. Oh my gosh! I REALLY love this!!!!! I have an affinity for branches!!!


  9. This is a truly awesome project. I like it with the stumps of wood. You are amazing!

  10. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!!!!!!!

    I like it both without and with chips. Double winner!

  11. I think your ladder turned out so cute and then those frames sent it over the top. I am glad the S hooks didn't work because the ties make it even better. I like the frames just like they are without the wood circles.

  12. I LOOOOVE this! I want to feature this next week on my blog. My vote is without, but I would love to see what other fun things you could do with the wood circles.

    Stacy @ Not JUST A Housewife

  13. WOW! I love this. I like the frames with the wood. Great job.

  14. Love the ladder and pictures, looks great. I like it better without the extra pieces, as they might be a little busy. I love the idea junkermidge had about making magnets out of them. Great job again, I love it!

  15. Great posting. I had originally been looking for a ladder to put pictures on when I found the orchard ladder. I knew it wouldn't work because it gets to small too quickly. I ended up just using it the way it is hanging it on the wall. But I love the idea of making a natural ladder like that, it looks great. I think I like the simplicity of it with the wood circles. But keep those around because I am sure you will find somewhere else to put them.

  16. Your ladder turned picture hulder looks great!I love this idea! The wonderful texture of the wood with the crisp edges of the pictures looks great. (I prefer the pictures w/o the chips).

  17. Fantastic idea and I love how it came out!!! The branches with the berries are beautiful- I prefer it without the little wood bits- but it is darling either way. Great job!! :)

  18. I absolutely love the ladder you made! Such a clever idea! It makes a great photo holder. I love the little round cuts but would use them for another purpose. I like it without them. Visiting from SNS. Love your blog!

  19. Hi Kendra...I love the ladder...I love using nature in everyday decor thanks for the inspiration ! You're so talented....:o)


  20. That is the so amazing!! You did a wonderful job on the ladder and the photos are beautiful!! I really like the frames with the pieces on, it just gives it that much more interest. Actually either way is awesome but if I had to choose! :) Very clever!!!

  21. This is very cool. I like both versions....but prefer it without!

  22. Adorable! LOVE the woodsy natural feel with this one.

    And my pref is without. My eye gravitates to them first before the pics when the pics ought to be the star of the show. But it IS a cute idea..

    Now back to that ultra cool ladder.. I want one!


  23. Thanks everyone for the input!! The more I looked at it... it really did seem a little busy with the pieces... You ladies are great!! Love all your opinions/help...

    Thanks so much!!

  24. FABULOUS IDEA! It's so pretty! I think I prefer without too. BUT I love the idea that someone had for complimentary frames somewhere else in the room WITH the chips. Glad you shared this on Funky Junk!

  25. That is fantastic! I love the way it looks in your DR next to those amazing shutters on your windows. Love your photos. I actually prefer the frames without the wood pieces. I just like that simplicity.

  26. Okay, Now I want to go build a ladder with branches. This turned out so cute. I love it without too but I guess you already decided that!

  27. I prefer the simplicity of the frames without the disks. Beautiful contrast between the white and the texture of the wood.

  28. I LOVE this- those branches are absolutely gorgeous!! I like it better with the stumps of wood... it adds a little more dimension and makes it so fun to look at :) Amazing job!

  29. Oh my goodness! I've been away from the computer tooooo long! Love your picture ladder! With the amount of branches laying around here I could probably make 500 of them : ) I see I was wrong on your guessing game, but so awesome #5 was true! Love your table cradle too... catch up commenting here. I have a rustic looking tool box that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. BINGO! I'll have to snag your idea - way cool! You always have such great ideas. Wow.

  30. What a great idea. I love your ladder and the pictures hanging on it. I do prefer the pictures without the wood rounds though but I'm sure you will think of a good use for them somewhere else.

  31. I'm a little late seeing your ladder picture frame, but I love it. I'd like to make one like yours but turn it sideways and hang the pictures in there. thanks for sharing how you did it.

  32. I LOVE this idea. I featured it on my blog! Thanks for sharing.

  33. It's beautiful! I love recycling projects! While they're both pretty, I actually the prefer the one without the wood pieces stuck on the frame (my opinion is probably waayy too late, but anyway!) - sometimes simpler is better! :) Tnx for sharing.
    Oh, I think you're just kind of helped inspire a new idea for photo frames.... :D

  34. oooh...i can't say any word to see your great2 idea of it so much. i cant wait to try this for my little house decor....thank u for sharing....

  35. That is SOOOO cool! I have some birch trees in my garage that I was saving because I wasn't sure what to do with them! I'm so all over this one! Thanks for sharing ... I'll be linking. And please come join my link party anytime!

  36. I know I am way late on my opinion, but I like with out...

    I really would like to see a better pic of your window with the slats of wood on both sides, I would like to see what the top of the windows look like. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Candy... yeah...I ended up not using the wood cuts on the ladder...
      As far as the window... there is just wall space above it... the shutters stop at the top of the window... at some point I may hang something up there on the wall...we'll see!! :) Anyway... yes... you can see it in this link from a Christmas post I did in 2010...

      Thanks for stopping by!

  37. This is a fanastic idea, but instead of adding something to the frames I would just "scratch" them up a little with some sandpaper.

    1. Hi Brandy! I ended up not adding anything to them... but...yes... great idea on distressing them some!! :)

  38. hi Kendra... I was immediately taken by the elegant simplicity of the design Before you added the woodchips. They are taking away from the main attraction, your nice b/w photos. If the frames were gray it might work but I would leave them off. Instead, fill a low glass bowl with them to put on a coffeetable. : ) Thanx for sharing... I have a whole pile of birch branches in my yard that came with the house I bought last fall! ~elaine

    1. Hi Elaine! How exciting about your birch branches... that's awesome that they were already there!! @ the didn't use them... I built the ladder about a year and 1/2 ago and decided back then that I didn't like the wood chips on it(especially after the majority said no... lol). And yes...The wood chips in a bowl would be pretty! :) Thanks for stopping by and have fun with your birch branches!! :)

  39. I like it with wood chips and was thinking you could do some woodburning on it with the date and such!

  40. I love this project,I also like it both ways but favor with the wood slices. My friend Char and I are doing it today with a few tweeks that were both her ideas and a couple of mine. Will try and post a pic. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. How fun! Bring it over to facebook if you would like! Would love to see! :)

  41. I like it best without the slices--simpler is better! Love the project idea though!

  42. Love this!! Just saw it on Pinterest...your newest follower.


  43. Awesome idea! I think without the wood pieces. Maybe use them in frames in other parts of the room to tie it all together? Just a thought. Love your site btw :)

  44. I like them without the wood pieces. You are VERY artistic and creative. I wonder if I could pay you to make me and my husband one.. Hmm... :-)

    1. Hi Jazmine... tried to reply to you through email but you had a "noreply" email... so I do hope you see this. First of all... thank you so much for your sweet comment. I have thought of making and selling these several times... my only problem is the ordering or finding the wood for it. The branches I used to make mine were actually given to me from a moving neighbor. The cost of ordering branches to do this was VERY expensive so I never have been able to pursue it. I just don't have a good supplier for the wood I would need to do this... otherwise I would make and sell you one! Thank you for asking though... maybe someday I will find an affordable supplier!! :)

    2. Aw. Well thanks for replying so quickly.

  45. How did you nail yours together. I'm having a heck of a time. Thanks! Kayte

    1. I did too Kayte...the wood that I used was not a soft wood... it was pretty much dried and hard by the time I got it. I predrilled my all my holes and because I have no wood working equipment to hold it in place for me...I had to straddled it and hammer the nails in. I'm sure it was quite an interesting site on my back! Probably looked like I was wrestling with an alligator! :) Hope it works out for you!!

    2. Lol...I look like that too! I will keep trying. :)

  46. I love it without the wood pieces and have to say that I think if you made these to sell people would buy them up like hot cakes!

  47. What are the dimensions? This is beautiful!

    1. Thanks... it's about 5'4" tall and the rungs measure around 13"... I cut them to fit the ins and out of the limbs... so basically cut as you go.

  48. This is so awesome. I was recently married and have all the pictures. What a creative way to do something outside the box besides just regular frames! My dad just cut down a tree and I'm going to try it. I like it without the stumps on the frames. Nice job!!

  49. This is so awesome. I was recently married and have all the pictures. What a creative way to do something outside the box besides just regular frames! My dad just cut down a tree and I'm going to try it. I like it without the stumps on the frames. Nice job!!

    1. How fun Amy! I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come... still enjoy mine... I'm lookin' at it right now! :) Congratulations on your marriage and thanks for stopping by!

  50. Love this .I love the pieces of wood added to the frames. such a creative and fun project idea!

  51. Love this .I love the pieces of wood added to the frames. such a creative and fun project idea!

  52. Really Sweet idea and It looks east enough that even I can attempt it being a newbie to crafts lol

  53. Replies
    1. Betty... I have so enjoyed mine... but I will say... I did have to wrestle with it some because it was a very hard wood... but it was worth it!! Hope you enjoys yours if you make one! :)

  54. Love this idea, also could be used as a towel rack in a bathroom after sealing it. This is awesome

    1. Thanks so much Paulette! Yes...I have seen some ladders used as towel racks... this would definitely add some rustic to a bathroom! :)

  55. I tend to like it w/o the stumps of wood but adore the berry's! BEAUTIFUL piece of work!!!!!

  56. This may be a dumb question but how does the hemp string attach to the picture frame? I want to build something sort of like this but I'm not sure how to attach the frames. Thanks!! I love this project!!

    1. Hey Amy... drill a hole in top of frame and use the screw eyes/eye screws (same as the ones used on ladder) and then just tie the string from the photo frame screw eye to rung screw eye...normal knot. Thanks for stopping by!

  57. Without...Nice ladder and you have me a great idea. Now to find some branches.

  58. I personally like it without the extra pieces. It doesnt look bad but it doesnt look better with them. Btw did you treat the wood with insect repellent before you brought in the house.

    1. Hi Beth... Yeah... I didn't use the cut rounds after all. I did spray the branches before and after the build. It's been a little over 4 years since the build and still enjoying it to this day! :)

  59. Nice job. Loving the ladder and the frames added to it. Great.

  60. I made a ladder out old tobacco sticks. I may add the photos to it. Nice

  61. Wow! Really love this photo ladder, I really like this idea of hanging photo frames with ladder. Thank you for sharing this amazing idea with us.

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