Friday, October 29, 2010

Remember My Future White Porch?


Awww… the dream… the vision…

The White Porch


or back deck… whichever one you want to call it.

However…I believe my dream of having that special, cozy environment is slowly getting crushed.


Let’s take a stroll down memory lane… shall we?

It all started with the Tractor Wheels.


My beautiful curtain holders for my future white porch!

 And then the trailer gate.


It fit perfectly over the door… like it was made for that space.



My little white table I built out of a broke clock to use as a side table.

I had such vision for this place.

But first things first… I had to paint it WHITE… such a concept!

So where am I at today with it?

Almost finished painting…BUT~ BUT ~BUT~


About to get REAL.


OK… see that back door?  Well… there is heavy traffic going through there all the time to the outside.

Which leads me to this question…

Have you met my fur babies?

001neeko resting (2)a 004 (5) smokey 1blog

Yep… that’s them!

And if I counted correctly… that’s

12 PAWS plus 

4 human feet (us) = 16 total feet…

going in and out that door all the time…

which leaves me with this…


When the dew falls and the rain comes…

it’s a muddy mess!


But I’m not finished!!

Then there are these… ICK!!


Spiders and webs everywhere making my white porch

their home!!


No matter how much I spray and kill… they keep coming back.

And then I have bees, wasps, and flies that make it into this space!

Now… I ask you…

how do I keep my floor clean

(without having to clean

it twice a day)

and the icky creatures

out and off any furniture or decor I put in here?

I waited all summer long and into this fall to see what would happen in this space…

now I know!

How do you make it work with three fur babies

and two humans whose back yard is nothing but


How do people do it?

I have no answer… it’s not a space I wanted to spend any money on other than paint and a few creations here and there.

So that is where I am at today with this space.


my White Porch dream may be slowly fading…

Any suggestions?



  1. i'll get back with you i am laughing to hard to think what to do!!! i mean i can hear you seriously hollar this outloud!!!!! sorry?

  2. You got it Chris!! Sure madness with this...LOL!

  3. I hate spiders! With a passion. They're enough to keep a girl indoors all summer, almost. I'd just put down a runner between the doors, one of those tough ones, look like straw but obviously aren't. Cant' for the life of me remember what that's called. Don't give up, it's going to be a great space.

  4. Don't look at it. Squint your eyes at the mud, leaves, spiders, dead moths (did you even mention those?) as you pass to and fro....that's what I'd do.

    Cuz white is gorgeous.

    And I think Elaine may have meant "jute" for the rug???

    A broom works great for removing most stuff after it dries including the bug graveyard hanging around!!!!

    Have a great weekend!
    New York

  5. Elaine... spiders ARE the enemy... aren't they!! The jute rug sounds like a good idea... will have to check into that!

    Kolein... LOL! So ignoring it may be the way to go!! You are definitely right about the graveyard! But the spiders... like I said... it's Arachnophobia around here... ick!!

    I must find a way to keep my dream ALLIIIVVVVE!!

  6. I stay stick with the dream of white because your first creations were just too awesome to forget about. I agree about some sort of rug out there. Maybe you can find a very inexpensive one somewhere. Start looking on Craig's List or something. Don't give up! You and your creativity will win out and I can't wait to see it.

  7. Everything you've done has made the space look gorgeous. I agree with the rug suggestion, and mostly with the ignore it (or, I'll add, embrace it!) suggestion. At least the spiders will keep mosquitos and that away!!

    Love your porch


    PS. Can't wait to see your Christmas decor in November -- I think I will start with you then, too!

  8. I think your white porch would look lovely with an almost white floor.... you know the color of those little paw prints. Not too dark, and not too white (by the way you have adorable children!) In Iowa, we use a product called "Tempo" to dissuade the creepy crawlers from entering our premises and it works great, even on those little lady bug wannabes known as Asian beetles.

  9. This was too funny! Our pool is screened in with white decking. It's concrete but white non skid stuff. It's always dirty. Even though Henry automatically will sit to have his paws wiped before going into the house I still get messes on the decking. My dead plant leaves, lint from the dryer vent, dead worms. Yes, Lovely. And the screen doesn't keep all buggies out. We use Home Defense around the perimeter of the whole house. Mostly because we get palmetto bugs big enough to put a saddle on. Talk about gross!

    Using a rug will pick up some of the dirt, just ignore the rest. Or go with a pale gray to blend the dirt in! We have a power washer that works wonders. The bugs you'll have to ignore too. Just keep a broom handy to swipe them down.

  10. Hi Kendra!
    Thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog :)
    I WISH I lived by a Hobby Lobby -- I bet I'd love it. Sadly, I don't think we have them at all in Canada. Maybe on day?
    Happy Halloween!

  11. Well all the gals that posted, in my opinion, are right on the money. Nothing can be perfect, ever. I'd keep on the white track and also think about doing an outdoor polyurethane coating on top? Makes cleaning woodwork inside easier, perhaps there is an outdoor version? Bugs are dumb, period. :)

  12. I agree with everyone....stay with your vision. It's beautiful. Thanks for the visit to my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

    Enjoy your evening.

  13. Simple fix for the floors. They need to be painted the colour of mud of course! I did that to my wrap around veranda at my last home and it worked out great.

    I currently have a light deck and it looks awful when wet weather hits. Nothing a good powerwash doesn't cure but who wants to do that all winter?!? Not me! So I have a mud track until spring again. If I could paint, I would, but it's vinyl. :P


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