Friday, January 18, 2013

Shipping Crate Desk Along Side My Winter Mantel… Very Cozy!


OK… this is my second post of the day!  (not normal for me…lol)

In my last post… I showed you my new shipping crate desk I built.

Shipping Crate Desk (2)

Well… it rained everyday as I worked on this thing… for like 9 days or so straight.


So… what did I do to help with my cabin fever when I got through building?


I rearranged the ol’ furniture and stylized a little bit!  FUN!

Shipping Crate Desk (8)

First, I moved our “too small of a rug for our living room” over in front of the fireplace which now has my new Winter Mantel display on it.

Shipping Crate Desk LVR

Originally, I put my new desk in the corner by the fireplace and this living room chair on the other side.  However, the chair felt too small for the space.

So then…

Shipping Crate Desk LVR(1)

I decided to play some more and brought back the sofa chair with ottoman that I have.

   Very Cozy “office space” don’t cha think?! 

Love my new desk! 

I may move it later… but definitely will have it here for the winter!

Shipping Crate Desk LVR(2)

However… I’m not sure which chair/look I like the best while my desk is here, hmmmm?

Shipping Crate Desk LVR(3)

Neeko, What do you think?… Smile with tongue out!

Better yet…

what do YOU think?

Thanks For Stopping By!!



  1. Love it in this spot - I think I like the big comfy chair - it serves as a nice contrast to the other more angular aspects of the room...

    1. Becky... I love the big one, too! But... I think the hubby wants it back in "his room" and that's Ok with me. I may have to look into buying him or me another one. :) But... first... I need a another rug for the REST of the living room... it's pretty bare now that I have moved it's small rug by the fireplace.

  2. I like the look of the smaller chair more, but that big comfy plush chair - I would so sit in that by the fireplace and cozy up with a blanket and a book.

    1. Thanks Rachel... it may just have to be the smaller chair... I think the hubs wants the big comfy one back in his "office/tv room"...LOL!

  3. ok so much for the sunshine idea...I'd still come over...while you were figuring stuff out with your desk..cuz I know those are probably the ONLY nine days without sun and we'd get so much done all the other days!

    Comfy chair!

    (please read other comment on your first post FIRST. otherwise you'll be oh-so confused!)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! The desk is AMAZING!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I would keep the smaller chair there, but make a footstool that matches your desk, that way it all works together nicely but there's still a way of putting your feet up somewhere comfortable. I'm a fan of more upright chairs with a footstool - I have way more footstools than a person should have.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I think the smaller chair won for now... we put the comfy chair in the other "office"... I change my furniture out all the I like the idea of a matching footstool for the small chair... it definitely could use one! Maybe another project for the future...hmmm. :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. The mantel winterscape turned out very nice! Love all the texture. You know, just looking at the pictures I think the smaller chair is better. You could even add a small side table and cozy it. Looks happy either way!

    1. Thanks so much Linda! So enjoying my Winter Mantel this year! Thanks for stopping by Creative Ambitions!

  8. Oh that's incredible! Totally in love with what you did!!!

    You creative people really help get the inspiring juices flowing!

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