Monday, February 11, 2013

A Ruffled Bag Win!


I won!  I won!  I won!

You have to understand…

I NEVER win anything!  It may be cliché to say that but…

I actually quit entering contests a long time ago… because I never win.

But the tables have FINALLY turned!


Victory Dance!!!  WooooooooHooooooo!

So you know what that means???   It can happen for YOU, too!!!

I saw through Katies Rose Cottage Designs’ Blog that…

Kelli @ PINK LEMONADE CO.  is hosting a month long giveaway over at her blog for February…

Kelli is a talented photographer and graphic designer who offers services for web design, business cards, business branding, t-shirt printing, and so much more!  Click here to see her SHOP!

and when I saw the first giveaway… on a whim… I decided to put my name in…

BLOG BANNER 1116 faded

Katies Rose Cottage Designs is where Lori and her daughters Kristin and Stephanie come together to create, blog about and sell romantic style, handmade items such as purses, headbands, pillows, jewelry, etc.  Click here to see their SHOP!

And this is what they were giving away through Pink Lemonade Co.’s Blog

And I won it… one of their beautiful Ruffled Bags!!!!  Yay!!!

After all… you know I like ruffles… Click here for one of my ruffled projects.


Can’t wait to get my new bag!! So excited!

Until then… go enter Pink Lemonade Co.’s  One Sweet February Giveaway

because you might just win!



  1. oh my goodness....that lady dancing just about sends me to the moon in hysterical SEA HAG laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations! I have a bag similar to that from Jeanne Oliver Designs! Just about everywhere I go someone comments on it! It's my FAVORITE!

    Have fun with it! Golly, you might even have to dance for us!!!!!


  2. AhAAAHHAHA... Kendra!! What a beautiful bag... so darned lucky!
    love your excitement!!

    1. Thanks Karen... this is the first time e-vuh that I have won something that I've entered! :)


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