Friday, July 9, 2010

A Magazine Drawer Rack

My ONLY supplier (enabler) of junk has been my mom since I started my creative ambitions. 

Well folks,

“the times they are a changin’"

Yes… I have now OFFICIALLY put a good friend of mine on the supplier/enabler list.

This is the same friend who gave me the trailer gates.

Twice more, she has supplied me with potential creative pieces  (one being an awesome find from the side of the road… that will be a later post!)

And this…


A night stand.

This was in her garage… until she called and asked me if I wanted it.

“Let me look at it.”

Oh yeah…

“I’ll take it!”

The first thing I did with this piece was take the drawer out because it didn’t look to be the original.  Not sure.

But I knew the drawer could be used for something special… the rest of the night stand will have to wait!

I looked at it, I shook it (don’t know why), flipped it around and propped it up for some serious thinkin’. 


And that is when a magazine rack idea was born.

  And of course this creation would have a twist… you’ll see in a lil’ bit.

So… Let’s get started!

  I took the back off… cause it was nasty.

Found some scrap wood from my clock table.

(Because it’s all about using what you’ve got if you got it… right?)

Measured and cut a new back… but this time I wanted an uneven slat look (like an old crate)…  so I cut my backing into uneven strips.



Then, I sanded the side edges of each slat to round them off a bit.

Next, I painted the drawer and the slats…



and pieced it all together.

I even had an extra handle that I used to replace the old one.

(Because it’s all about using what you’ve got if you got it!)

Doesn’t it look cute and “cottagey” this way?


So… now for the rack.  What should I use?


A piece of wood?  Spindles?  A License Plate? 

Yep… You heard me… an old TENNESSEE license plate!


That’s my twist.

You know my first supplier/enabler… mom? 

Well, she had bunches of vintage license plates (what some would consider junk)…

I actually sold some for her on ebay . 

But, I kept this one and it fits perfect! Nice and snug… tight enough to hold my heavy mags!



(If it hadn’t, I would have glued a piece of wood to the front of the drawer and nailed the tag to that.)

Plus… it adds a splash of color to the piece.

So there you have it… a magazine rack drawer or a magazine drawer rack!


Or should I just call it a “junk” drawer?


To see more decorative ideas on this drawer…



Thanks For Stoppin’ By!




  1. got me all excited, but the final picture is missing. Or are you teasing us? Hmmmm? Banging my knife handle on the table over and us! LOL!

  2. How funny Deborah Lynn!! I forgot to put them in my post!! THANK YOU!! I was working on two posts at one time!!

  3. How original with the license plate. Love it. Lezlee

  4. Hey girl right back! I'm not blogging only because school's out and I'm knee deep in home repair projects! I am still reading your posts and loving them all! Thanks for continually checking in, hopefully soon I'll get back on track! You are still completely awesome! :)


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