Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Chalkboard Lo-Down…

Do you use a chalkboard as part of your decor?

I do..

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby last Christmas.


It was plain Jane so I decided to dress it up a little with some wood appliqués.



And then I chose a bible scripture that I love and wrote it with  little “fancy” letters on my board.

It hangs here… in the kitchen next to my faux stone wall.

y (3)

So… are you wondering how I got such a smudge free look?

I’ll tell ya…

Don’t use chalk.

Use liquid chalk markers… like these!


I love them!

They are kinda like paint markers that you shake and let the paint soak the tip.

Alot of businesses use the chalk markers to get a more professional sign look to their boards.

They come in all different colors.

We have a chalkboard on the fridge for messages and memos…


I think it’s fun to draw cute little pictures with them… especially if I’m leaving a message for the hubby!


I bought mine at Hobby Lobby or you can find them on line.

And like I said… they come in all different colors.

I’d like to score some of the earth tone ones… :)

They are easy to clean off/erase with a damp cloth (or you can by specific liquid chalk cleaner) and they don’t leave all that chalk dust floating around.

Great stuff!

 What about you…

Do you use the liquid markers or chalk on your chalkboard?

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  1. I really want to get some of these. I need to check at Hobby Lobby the next time I'm there. They do look better than regular chalk. Your handwriting looks so pretty.

  2. Oh Kendra! I'm a little late in thanking you for such a wonderful post about my blog!! Your wonderful words were as glowing and sparkling as a Christmas tree! Why, you are as cute as Christmas yourself! Thank you sugar! May the Lord bless you and keep you real good!
    Aunt Ruthie

  3. Great tip! Thank goodness for the internet - I live in the absolute middle of nowhere and have never heard of liquid chalk. Your verse is beautiful - and most lovely with the liquid chalk!

  4. That turned out so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey, I've learned something new, like chalkboard paint markers!!!!! Never heard of them and now must get them. Immediately. I want to paint one of my walls in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. Too much? Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog, even though it's not the greatest lately (like yours is) :)

  6. I've heard rave reviews about these before, but I wish they sold just white ones in a package for us 'plain' Janes. =)


    barbara jean

  7. PS Love how you jazzed up a plan board

  8. Thanks for the info about chalk markers. I am going to get some!


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