Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Short Visit To Covington, Louisiana

We just got back from a quick trip to Louisiana.

Our destination: Covington

Our purpose:  University of Tennessee and Louisiana State University football game in Baton Rouge.


My husband grew up in Covington and is a huge LSU fan.

However, I grew up in Tennessee and graduated from UTK.

So I guess you can say we are a house divided

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but I like to say we are a house united! :)

Anyway… let’s just say… what a CRAZY game!

But that aside… I wanted to share a taste of Covington with you.


What a great little town.  I love it.  It has so much character.  The city has done a great job in revitalizing their town.

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And look at the oak trees with streaming moss… gorgeous. 

The oaks are bountiful here and create a canopy of beauty.

Covington has the cutest shops and restaurants that are all in walking distance from one another.

We ate at a place called Mattina Bella…

mattina 3

(Didn’t have a pic so I grabbed this one from Google Map.)

They have great food! Love their breakfast… pecan waffle… YUM!

Next up…

I saw a couple of these directional signs on the corner of the streets… so cute!



And here are some shops and restaurants on Lee Lane below…









Here are some more pics of the buildings below…



Look at that beautiful railing!


Love the shudders and lanterns on this building!


Look at the detail on that door… love it!





Covington: what an adorable town!

There were so many cute, artsy businesses we passed that I did not get a chance to take photos of.

Even the historical homes that are mixed in between the streets of businesses are charming and beautiful.

I know my photos only touch on the charm and character of Covington, LA.

It’s great place to visit!

And…we won’t talk about the crazy game in Baton Rouge where one minute I’m celebrating UT’s win and consoling my husband and then the next minute he’s celebrating LSU’s win and consoling me!



Thanks For Stopping By!


  1. What a game! And what great pictures you have. You know, I've been to a few games down in BR and been to Covington for soccer. You did a beautiful job of highlighting the town! Here in North Louisiana, we get down there pretty often. Glad you had a good trip.
    Becky C

  2. Your pictures are great! Glad you shared your ballgame day with us.

  3. What a great time you had! Thanks for sharing your day - love all the charming little shops. There is nothing like that in all of Iowa :( IF we can find a quaint little shop anywhere, it's stuffed inside a big old boring brick building.

  4. Sounds like an exciting end to the game. So funny you have different "taste" in teams. :) Thanks for taking us along for the sites. That town is filled with wonderful sites!


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