Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trying Mixed Media Art

Hi everyone!

Can you believe that spring is less than a month away?


I am already working on my spring mantel… but still enjoying my winter mantel.

My only hint to it are flowers… creative flowers.


let’s talk art…

mixed media art.

Imagine Mixed Media Art

As some of you know, I use to paint and sell folk, whimsical type paintings…

not for long though… Sad smile

because when I finally took the leap to do it… @ a year later the economy collapsed and people quit put the brakes on buying original art.  I truly enjoyed that year and half I spent painting and selling… it was pure joy.

Dream Mixed Media Art

However, I eventually put up my supplies… even sold a few of them …and quit making art to sell.

DIY projects and mantel decoration took it’s creative place in my life and has filled that void of not painting.

Inspire Mixed Media Art

until now.

I have been longing to get back to creating some art.  And I have chosen to try mixed media as the place to start.

This is my first mixed media piece – evuh!

kjoyner art Mixed Media Art (c)

I call it BLOSSOM.

  kjoyner art Mixed Media Art (a)

As I dabble in and learn this type of medium, I may share it here on my Creative Ambitions Blog for awhile… if that’s ok?  Smile

If I decide to sell again… I think I will move that to my art blog I ‘ve kept alive all this time… or maybe create a new one.

I’m also hoping to dabble in sewing and creating some different things.

kjoyner art Mixed Media Art (d)

Creating this piece really helped me to open my mind and heart again.

I will imagine the possibilities.

I will dream the impossible.


I hope to inspire others along the way.



I decided to change the colors on this piece…

brighten it up a bit…

here it is now…

Mixed Meda Art

still a work in progress…


  1. I love it!!! i would buy this in a heart beat, keep up the good work..:)

    1. Teresa... thank you! I totally needed to hear that... This was one of those posts I closed my eyes on and hit "publish"... lol.

    2. I'm replying from my phone cuz I'm so excited for you!!!!!! This is awesome like how when you wake up in the early morning and the spring sun is baking the ground where the first crocuses are in bloom!!!!

  2. I just saw that you commented on Koleins blog... had to come and check it out.
    Loved this art!
    I must say...I'm inspired!

    1. Thank you Pat... Just venturing out and trying new things!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kendra!! I love it and so happy for you!! You are so talented!!

    1. Chica!! Love that you are on blogger... now YOU need to paint some more and and start an art blog! :) I plan to get into this mixed media art some more and see what I can create! But for now... I'm off to vacuum and mop... It's been over 3 days at least!! lol. Love ya!! :)

  4. I know this is a year older post, but feel that I must tell you the mixed media piece is really wonderful and hope you have continued doing this style!

    1. Thank you!! I have had fun playing with mixed media art... I'm not that great at it... LOL... but always learning and improving!! :) Thanks for stopping by Silkartist!!

  5. Hi I would like to know how much is this art piece?

  6. Hi Elizabeth... I never put this piece up for sale. Thank you!


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