Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating Artistic Photos On The Computer Part II

Funky Junk Interiors’ Saturday Night Special Theme: 

Twigs and Branches

So… on Monday I posted about creating art out of photos

using free photo enhancement software.

I use Windows Live Photo Gallery & Picasa.

Click Here to see post.

This was one example of an artistic enhancement made on a photo I created using an old Christmas tree and lantern.


005 (2)blog


005blog (3)blog 005blog blog 005blog (4)blog

Love the way these turned out… may print and frame these!

And here is another before and after with just the pine tree…

003 (3)blog 003 (2)blog

Well… for this weekend’s theme I wanted to share with you

a few more artistically altered photos that I created using

twigs and branches.

I started out with a textured canvas painted off white for a backdrop.

020 (2)

Then, I simply held the branches up to the backdrop and took a picture.

Downloaded it to my computer…


And played around with the exposure & color settings

in Windows Live Photo Gallery. 


Here is the photo straightened, cropped, and color manipulated to create a subtle piece of art.

Here are a few more:

 012 013blog

 013 (3)blog 013 (2)blog

And a few more…

016 (4)blog 016 (5)blog 016blog (2)

Instant Art I tell ya!

Another idea:

Add words to your art!  You can do this in Picasa.


This is what it would look like framed (done in another free software called Photobucket)

Pretty cool… huh?

And last but not LEAST

For those who commented on my White Porch post

and who told me to EMBRACE the muddy tracks…

001 002

((thank you ALL for the ideas and encouragement!))

these artistic photos were inspired by






Who knew my muddy floor would turn out to be such a cool background?

For a few more ideas using twigs and branches…

Click Here and Here and Here!

The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Your post has motivated me to play around with some of the images I have taken and done nothing with.

  2. I love it! How cool are those! I never thought about doing that and I have muddy paw-printed white floors! :) Seriously, those are gorgeous, I love the branches against all the backgrounds! I must try this!

  3. Gorgeous photos! The branches look beautiful. You've inspired me to try this. Thanks for sharing this great idea.
    Becky C

  4. Those are so pretty! I love the way you made something so simple so very frame worthy!

  5. What lovely photos...I want to mess around with it, now! Thanks, Lezlee

  6. I love it. I was looking for photo software today, maybe I should check out the free stuff first!

  7. LOL!! Only you could make your muddy floor a must have for a photographer. I love it all, girl! It's a hard toss up between your sticks and my bolts though.... :)


  8. Thanks everyone! My goal is for others to be inspired... sounds like some of you are... hope you all go for it...

    Go play and create some art!

  9. Love these Kendra!!! I wanna do EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (talk about being inspired! yikes!)


  10. I just found your blog and am SOOOO happy I did! Look at how creative you are! I lvoe those photo tips. I am seriously the World's Worst Photographer. Like seriously. It's embarrassing. Hopefully using your tips I can improve! I am your newest follower and I can't wait to look around your blog some more!

  11. VERY VERY COOL idea! I LOVE it!

    happy day!


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